My Toys

I thought I should summarize some of the more important guys in the blog for you all.


Brother Wolfe: Miss Wolfe’s, of Love in the Capitol, brother. He is younger but one of the best cocks I have played with. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s hot.

Football Guy: He is a college football player.  I met him at a party and ended up taking him home with me.  He has one of the thickest cocks.  I love riding him.

Business Traveler: He does a lot of traveling for his job.  He is in Boston every couple months.  I make sure I meet up with him because I love his exhibitionist side and we have so much in common.

Rocker: Rocker isn’t my typical kind of guy.  I usually go for the athletic type. Don’t misunderstand, he is in great shape.  I met him at a store while shopping.  He hit on me and oozed charm.

Sarge: Sarge is a Marine, OOH RAH, and is in the area for recruiting duty.  He does his profession good by being very take charge.  He is rough and doesn’t talk about doing things, he just does it.


Guy 2: He is a guy I knew in high school that recently came back to my life via a threesome with some other guy I knew in High School.

Tom: He is Guy 2’s friend. I met him out at a club when I was there with Guy 2. He is bisexual and we are actively looking for a true mmf threesome. Tom finally fell in love with a guy. I don’t see much of him anymore but we still hang out from time to time.

Teacher X: He is a former high school teacher of mine. We never fooled around until I graduated. He is married, and I don’t care. He is a good fuck, that’s why I keep him around.

Shop Guy: He is a guy that I met while working. He was flirting with me while his girlfriend was in the changing room. I got his number and we started to date on the side. Me and Shop Guy are over, he decided he needed to concentrate on his gf. I know it won’t work out knowing how we started. No big loss.

Calc Prof: He is the guy I had for calculus this past semester. I would flash him some kitty and flirt with him. My interest is lessening toward him but I still want to do something with him.

Dan: I met Dan at school. I flirted with him for a month or so until I remembered his phone number. I gave him a call. We quickly hit it off and the fireworks ensued. We had some public sex, some threesomes and some regular sex.

Rich: A sexy man but totally clueless. I called him for a booty call and he couldn’t make a move. I decent fuck but I need to make the move if sex will happen.

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