FAQ & Contact Me

Contact Info:

e-mail: beantownchik@gmail.com (don’t send anything to yahoo, I don’t check it.)

yahoo: beantownchik (My preferred messenger)

aol: bntownchik214 (Rarely on)

Ways to piss me off if you e-mail or chat to me

1.  Ask me what the blog address is.  I have it posted on my yahoo profile, take a chance and look.

2.  Buzz me on yahoo because you feel ignored.  This is now an instant ignore list action.  I have things to do and sometimes there are 10 people trying to talk to me.  I will get to you, wait your fucking turn.

3.  Ask me what my plans are for the rest of my life since I graduated.  If I had a fucking clue, I would be doing it.  Also, its none of your damn business.  This is an instant invite to the ignore list.

4.  If I blow off you question about my personal details or recent fucks, don’t press the issue.  I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!  This will piss me off fast.

5.  BE ORIGINAL.  After 1000 times of hearing “You should fuck me, i am the best” or “I know I could make you cum”, I want to blow my brains out.

6.  If I entertain your question about fucking a guy, NEVER ask me “how big was his dick?”  I don’t have a little wood statue next to my bed saying:  You must be this big to fuck me.  I don’t measure.  I see a dick, I like the dick, I fuck the dick. There is no point in the process where I pull out my ruler and measure.


1. Where do you live?  I live in the Boston, MA area.  I did not grow up here.   I am a navy brat and lived all over the world.

2. Is the picture on top of your blog you?  Yes, it is me.  I change it every couple months.  Don’t ask for pictures, because I won’t send them to you.  If you want to see a selection of old blog headers, go to:  http://profiles.yahoo.com/beantownchik (you must be added as a contact to see).

3. Do you meet up with readers of your blog?  Do you have sex with readers of your blog?  even if they pay?  NO!  Readers of the blog will form expectations that I could not possibly live up to.  If we are meant to meet, it will happen by accident.

4.  Where do you go to school or work?  I will tell you, I am in college and I work.  You have no hope of ever getting more information than the previous sentence.

5.  Do you use condoms? Aren’t you worried about getting an STD?  I use condoms with guys that aren’t regulars or my toys.  My toys don’t have to use condoms because I trust them and why have a regular if you can’t go bareback.  I don’t worry about STD’s because I trust the regulars.

6. How do guys become regulars?  They are guys who performed so well, I didn’t want to let them go.  They are guys that know how to push my buttons and give me great orgasms.

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