Posted by: bosteen | January 7, 2016

Random stuff

I hope everyone had a great holiday and have a good start to the new year. I am off to a slow start.  I did enjoy reading the comments and suggestions to my last post.

Now some random thoughts:

  1. I refuse to let guys pull my hair anymore.  It is attached to me and hurts.  Learn control.
  2. I will never understand dirty talk.  Let me invoke my wrestling coach (yes, I was on the wrestling team in HS), “If you can talk, you aren’t working hard enough.”
  3. On the topic of dirty talk, what is the hottest/dirtiest thing a girl could tell a guy?
  4. Would you rather your girl fuck a stranger or a friend in a threesome?  I think it would be a stranger to avoid the uncomfortable feeling around your friend.
  5. Make up your mind men.  First you want me to give you a blow job and swallow, now you want to do facials.  By the way, I am not a fan of facials.

Any thoughts or questions for me… Ask away.



  1. re: #3, I would have said that the hottest thing a girl can say (to me) is to beg for my cum. No idea why it’s so hot, but it is – tell me you want it, tell me where it should go, beg for it. It’s as hot as hell. However, recently I was with a woman who said the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard someone say, pouting: “Oh, this isn’t fucking fair. I wish it was possible for *me* to hold *you* down and make *you* cum for 10 minutes in a row!” Needless to say, after hearing that, I made it… maybe 15 minutes. 🙂

    #4 I think a stranger. I don’t have any friends that close.


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