Posted by: bosteen | December 17, 2015

The poor cashier

I was visiting my parents in Boston a couple weeks ago and went shopping with my mom.  At some point, I found myself standing in front of the Santa photo thing.  It was the same little building, chair, etc. that was set up every year when I worked at the shopping center.  The major difference was the guy playing Santa was some old guy.  There used to be a hot guy in his 20’s that would sit there and the moms knew it.  Anyone walking by could see them drooling at the thought of him taking them in the fake house to bang them.  I knew the inside of that little shack well.

Other than the random fuck in the Santa’s house, I hated my job during the holiday season.  To the christians, Jesus was a forgiving understanding guy, so stop bitching about running out of something.  Customers leaving the store a mess and doing whatever they wanted because they were “always right”, which is bullshit.

Where is this going?  Be patient, it pays off.

For part of the holiday, I will be down in Florida at one of my dad’s places, he has them everywhere thanks to the Navy, to relax, recharge, whatever. I wanted something new to wear around, a little dress or skirt, so I could enjoy the warmer weather.  This required me to go out in the holiday shopping madness.  My friend and I went to the local shopping center, he was bored out of his mind for the most part.  However, we passed the little Santa’s workshop thing and it excited me a little.  An idea was planted in the back of my mind.

The idea bloomed in the next store as I was trying on a dress.  It wasn’t a particularly hot or sexy dress, it was about mid thigh, and loose fitting.  I exited the dressing room to show the poor guy I dragged shopping with me.  He gave a bored nod of approval and some half-hearted comment.  Realizing he was bored and I was growing horny, I set my plan into action. To thank him, I gave him a little kiss and grabbed his cock to perk him up. I whispered, ” I am done, we can go after I change.”  When I turned to return to the changing room, my hand loosened its grip and my panties fell to the floor.  This was done to gain his attention.

It was a short moment before I called out for him to help me with a zipper.  There was no zipper, but I needed an excuse for him to go into the changing room and make it seem normal.  He eagerly joined me in the changing room.  His hands grabbed my ass and his lips met mine pretty quickly.  He lifted me upwards.  My legs went around his waist.  The dress managed to slide up to my waist leaving me exposed. I reached down and fumbled to unfasten his pants and pull his cock free.

The time between his cock springing free and his cock entering me.  My shoulders were against the wall of the changing room and my feet against the door, thank god for strong locks.  He pumped his cock in me. I did my best to keep the volume to a minimum.

However, there was a point where I lost a little control on my volume.  I remember the sensation so well.  My arms were wrapped around his neck and his hands were firmly on my ass.  His thrusts were going deeper and with more force.  He would move in me and the intensity would take my hips back to hit against the wall.  When he would pull out my hips would move forward.  With his next thrust, there was another thud against the wall.

It took approximately five minutes for his cock to unload all his cum into me. He let me down, gave me a brief kiss, and left the changing room to wait for me to get in my clothes.

In the process of changing into my clothes, I noticed the dress was wet at the bottom.  His cum was running down my leg and must have hit the dress when I pulled it off.  I had to buy the dress at this point.  The cashier noticed there was something wet at the bottom of the dress.  I lied of course and said that my friend spilled some of my drink on the dress when I asked him to hold it.  I hope she used hand sanitizer after we left.


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