Posted by: bosteen | December 10, 2012


First, I am not moving the blog to an interior design place, there is a valid point to this post. Furniture quality and its placement is integral to a great sex life. Cheap furniture means possible injuries and a well placed table means a fun place to fuck. As an example, I have a friend, yes a real friend, who started to get friendly with a guy on her sofa table. The sofa table broke part way through their fun.

It should be allowable to sit on a table while in the store. This is the only true way to test the strength of the table. Ideally, I should be able to rock back and forth on the table to verify it can take all the action. The more I think on this, the more I want to go to a furniture store and do this.

Luckily, my hallway table by my front door is strong enough to take the stresses of the pure sexual energy that sometimes happens inside my front door. I have sat on the edge of that table and fucked many times. Thank god for a strong table.



  1. I broke my roommates kitchen table during sex. Necessitated a quick trip to wal-mart and a quick lie.

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