Posted by: bosteen | October 18, 2012

Some unfinished writing

I wrote this during my last year of school.  It is unfinished and I don’t know if I will finish it but it something for you to read.

The past few months have been extremely busy for me. As part of my graduation requirements, I had to partake in an internship. The internship was scheduled for two days a week. When you add this to my other classes and work, I didn’t have much time to do anything else.

I will introduce a person I’ve been chatting with for over  a year. He certainly knows who he is when the subject of interns are brought up. I will refer to him as DJ. DJ certainly knows his way around an intern which is both good and bad.

My intention was to be a goody two shoes during my internship. I didn’t want to be the scandal of the office. If I kept my nose clean and did my work, I would get a good recommendation and grade. I tried to wear clothes that didn’t accentuate my curves so much. This being said, I could still see and feel the guys eyes on me. My ass and tits are not easy things to hide. I was steering clear of drama for the first four weeks.

In the fifth week, one of the managers decided to take me under his wing. Who am I to say no? It was a great opportunity to learn and I wasn’t going to turn it down. He had checked me out in the first month a couple times, so I was under no illusion that this was him purely seeing the genius which is me. If it were a different situation, I would flirt with him. He is a hotter late guys in his late thirties. However, I continued to down play my looks and concentrate at the job on hand.

It wasn’t long after I started to work with the manager when I got this disgusted look from a couple women in the office. Disgusted may not be the correct word, contemptuous is a better choice of words. The other women in the office could have been jealous because the manager took me aside to show me things or it could have been some recognition of past actions. However, I didn’t do anything to deserve their reaction. I could understand if I was strutting around the office.

I managed to maintain my self-imposed dress standards for a couple more weeks. It was foolish to think that the bitchy women would change their attitude. When their snotty looks and back handed comments heard as I walked past continued, I stopped caring. I began to dress a little less conservatively and more like the rest of the people in the office. I knew what the hen house would say but I was beyond the point in caring.

Between the internship and regular work, there wasn’t much time for me to have my usual fun. If I had any sex, it was usually with myself or the not so often late night booty call. Neither was particularly satisfying. This results in a few possible solutions, most of which end up with me straddling some guy for a couple hours while I bounce on his dick.

One day at the internship, my mentor gives me this list of things to do in the morning. I was dreading the list because there was so much sexual energy flowing from my morning shower masturbation. Instead of going to the bathroom play a little, I sat at my desk to work on the list. Two hours into the list, the mentor stops by to check how I am doing. He could tell there wasn’t something quite right with me. Assuring him that I was fine, he promised to take me to lunch because it looked like I needed to get out of the office. He insisted despite me telling him it wasn’t necessary. Honestly, my top thought was to take a break to somewhere so I could finger myself, but that wasn’t going to happen.

There comes a point when I can’t be held responsible for my flirting and sexual drive. It spills out and won’t stop until I am fully satisfied. The first drops were being spilled on the way to lunch with my mentor. I wasn’t sure where we were going but he thought it would be best to grab a taxi to go there. He was talking to me but I was barely listening to anything he said. His cologne was intoxicating and I couldn’t help but wonder what he was carrying in his pants. I would glance down from time to time. I can’t be sure but he saw me a couple times. The thoughts of “Love in an Elevator” were filling my mind. Him and I between floors with the elevator stopped. He had me pressed against the way with my legs wrapped around his waist. There was no turning back after my mind reached this point. The best available solution was to hold back the flood waters until after lunch.

The conversation was mostly focused on me. He asked me about school, where i grew up, etc… . This was mostly cover to ask me why I have been looking down lately. I would never tell him about the office cunts, it would make me look like a cry baby. I don’t tell him about my sexual desire to be bent over and fucked so hard that I walked funny for a day or two. The only item left to mention was my tiredness from working two jobs basically.

The previous paragraph makes lunch sound innocent. It was far from innocent on my part. The combination of his cologne, looks and deep voice was driving me crazy. At one point, the shoe on my right foot was off and I wanted to run my foot up his let to his cock. I pulled back my foot when it was half way under the table. I sat at the table with my boobs slightly thrusted forward. I took every chance to flirt with him.


  1. I for one am dying to hear the rest of this story.

  2. Glad to see you’re back! I really enjoyed reading your blog in the past and look forward to what’s to come.

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