Posted by: bosteen | October 16, 2012

Reader Questions

From MG: Wow, has it been 2 years already? Wondering what you think about your ‘skins now with RG3?

I am happy that the Redskins are winning, what fan isn’t happy when their team is winning.  I do worry about the longterm with RG3.  Look at other QB’s that came out who were “running” QB’s.  They do well at the beginning but in the end they are getting hurt constantly.  Then, there is no real back up for when they are out of the game.

From H.H.:  Why haven’t you updated the blog in so long?

I have been working.  I am not in college anymore and there is lots to do.  Right now, I am sitting on a train and thought to check the comments.  I wish there was some more time for me to continue to update my readers to everything in my life.

From Anonymous: Were do u live 🙂

I still live on the east coast of the US.  I travel a lot for work so I am in a lot of different places when not at home.

From Jack:  This blog was amazing back in the day. I imagine bosteen finally grew up! Anyone know of any other blogs that come close to match this one during its prime?

Jack, I haven’t changed, just a lack of time to dedicate to writing stuff down, then editing the material to ensure its readable.  I haven’t changed…I don’t believe that people do change in big ways through their life.





    • I wasn’t aware that I died. I must need some sort of medical opinion to verify.

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