Posted by: bosteen | October 17, 2010


1.  What the fuck is wrong with the Redskins?  If they wanted a piece of shit QB to stand in the pocket and throw interceptions, they should have kept Campbell.  To make it even worse, they release Colt Brennan, the one hope they had at offense.  I want to throw my tv on the floor watching them play this year.

2.  Men have to stop being so clingy.  I fucked you, it was good.  Enjoy it!  Why do you have to fuck it up by calling all the damn time.  Grow a set!

3.  I am sick of working retail and not getting a real job.  It is time to join the navy like my dad.  We all know how much I love semen… oh wait thats seamen.





  1. Slut, good time to join the military. The job market completely sucks right now and nothing except a sales job will come close to what you’ll make as an officer. Love your blog and I don’t want you to change a thing about yourself. But all branches of the military are more gossip-ridden than a small high school. Attractive female officers are as rare as unicorns, and everyone will know who’s fucking who. If you take the plunge and get commissioned try to play outside of the ranks, it’s not worth the hassle. And I hope you keep blogging:)

  2. What’s kinda sad is that Dan Snyder really does try. His dad was a die hard Skins fan and he grew up being a huge fan. I guess it goes to show that it takes more than just being a fan to make good football decisions.

    If you ever come out to Los Angeles, I promise not to be clingy, by the way. Just sayin’.

  3. Good to hear from you again. Miss your stories.

  4. Good to hear from you again. Please stay in touch! Or am I being too clingy?

  5. Don’t you realize that fucking makes us men STUPID? I think ejaculation causes amnesia. The second we are done banging you, we forget all about how GOOD it really was, and are only thinking if/when we will get to fuck you AGAIN!

  6. At least McNabb is not the 2010 edition of Brett Farve.

    Men can never, ever tell the difference between being too clingy and too standoffish when they want to arrange for an encore performance.

  7. the skins biggest problem is their lack of a good o-line. You would think that Dan Snyder being a long time fan would recognize that the success the team had in the 80’s and early 90’s was because they had the greatest o-line in history. Doesn’t matter who is at qb if there is no pass protection and sorry run blocking.

  8. Your Boy McNabb shit the bed the other day. I can buy you a Vick Jersey anytime you want. Might as well wear the jersey of a real QB 😉

  9. I was on subs in rotten groton connecticut. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. There are jobs for those with ambition and the will to start from scratch. I don’t know what your readership levels are, but I’m sure some ad revenue is available for someone with your literary talents. Good luck.

    • If I wanted to allow advertising, it would of happened a long time ago. However, this is about me, not me trying to sell people shit.

  10. If you were this pissed about the Redskins last year, I can only imagine how furious you are now. Is that why you’re not posting?

  11. This blog was amazing back in the day. I imagine bosteen finally grew up! Anyone know of any other blogs that come close to match this one during its prime?

    • I wasn’t grown up before?

  12. Wow, has it been 2 years already? Wondering what you think about your ‘skins now with RG3?

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