Posted by: bosteen | March 24, 2010

Party of the Year

I didn’t post the work up to the White Russian Party this year.  However, it still occurred but delayed slightly by a spring break trip to Miami.  I attempt to throw the party on the weekend closest to the release date of The Big Lebowski.

The big question every year is “what character were you?”  Despite my trouble putting the Maude gold bowling costume together last year, I managed to get it worked out for this year’s party.  My guests were greeted with my viking helmet and big gold bowling balls.  It was the first time in which I could tell guys, “stop looking at my balls”.

Surprisingly, there weren’t that many dressed up in a robe calling themselves “the dude” this year.  There were a couple cowboys, a very good Jesus, two Walters (one with a briefcase of underwear and another with a coffee can) and the best and a first was the Big Lebowski (wheel chair and all).  He is one of those characters that people seem to forget about with all the other people in the movie.

A good time was had by all the participants.  There was some sadness because this being my last year in college and the unknown state of my next steps in life.  I will be throwing another party next year.  However, it may not be in Boston.  Either way, a good time will be had by those invited.  Long live the Dude.  Happy Humping!



  1. So I assume one of the Walters responded, “I’ll stop looking at your balls if you’ll stop looking at my cans.”

  2. I was wondering if you had your party this year. Glad that it was a success. Hopefully, wherever you are and whatever you are doing this time next year you’ll be able to continue the tradition.

  3. Didn’t know you loved The Dude so much.. Next time he’s in Boston I’ll let you know so you can meet him..

  4. Glad to hear the dude lives on.

  5. You are so lame its great

  6. I miss this blog.

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