Posted by: bosteen | January 26, 2010

I caught a couple getting it on in the store this past week.  I didn’t walk in on them in the dressing room but there was the distinct noise of something going down.  They had their way and left the dressing room.  I gave them a golf clap for their performance.  The shade of red their face reached was priceless.  I wasn’t about to interrupt them because if the situation was reversed, I wouldn’t want to be bothered.

What is it about certain situations that bring out my horny, kinky nature.  As an example, I have this two-hour class twice a week.  There is a cute muscled man who I’ve flirted with for quite some time at school and he is in the class.  Why haven’t I done anything with him in the past?  He had a girlfriend that I liked so I wasn’t going to interfere with their thing.  He and his girl had recently terminated their relationship and he made sure to tell me.  He must think that I am some sort of slut.

The professor has a break in the two hours of class.  It is usually 10 to 15 minutes long depending on how badly he needs a smoke break.  Thus far in the semester, I have gone out in the hall and relaxed.  The guy has followed me and we flirt back and forth.  One day after class, we were so worked up that we ended up fucking.  During the last class’s break, we were flirting and I had a dirty sensation in mind.

I excused myself to run into class.  There was a condom in my purse that I was going to need.  After returning to the hall, I told him to follow me.  We found an empty, dark class room and went inside.  It wasn’t long until I was bent over a desk getting fucked hard.  We enjoyed a little quickie before returning to class a little flushed.  Happy Humping!



  1. Ever do it in dressing room before? I did it once during Christmas rush. A belt makes way more noise than you would expect.

  2. Welcome back…..BRAVO!

    Had I not been so naive when I was in school a couple years back, I’d have kept my eye out for lovelies just like you!

  3. Did anyone suspect what you and the cute muscled man were doing during the break? A long break is probably the only perk of a two-hour class.

    P.S. How often do you catch people getting it on in the store? Did the couple you clapped for buy anything of just quickly leave the store?

  4. very nice! welcome back :o)

  5. Welcome back =)

  6. Were you at all tempted to join the couple? I can’t believe the guy would have objected.

  7. You are obviously cute, very sexy, have a body to kill for, you fuck like a rabbit but you clearly are an idiot. You have nearly 1.8 page views and you have ZERO ads on this site. The numbers you get with the little you actually post could earn you nearly $2K a month. Yes, I know that is nothing in the real world but, if you were to post weekly, that number could grow significantly. Maybe you have grown tired of this site and want to sell it to me? I have a series of “adult” sites that earn about 500K annually. It takes more than twice as many of my “regular” sites to earn that same revenue. Anyway, your writing style is fabulous and that is one of the reasons your site does so well. Anyway, if you do have an interest in selling, let me know. If you need help setting up ads, let me know that too.

  8. sounds like fun to me.

  9. I work retail as well. It amazes me how often these things happen. And amazes me more I have not tried it.

  10. Never done it in a public place before, but dressing rooms have always appealed to me.

  11. Well, first of all, being a slut is a good trait in a girl… that being said, congrats on your classroom fuck brake. More women should have that sense of sexual freedom. Kudos to you

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