Posted by: bosteen | September 13, 2009

It’s that time of year.

In a little over an hour, the most exciting part of the year starts. I fucking love football season!  Its almost as good as sex.  If I could only combine the two.  Hmmmm.

Go Skins!



  1. your a pig.

  2. It is quite easy to combine the two–think team sports;)

  3. The Bengals got drilled (and so did the Browns) so it’s a sad day in Married In Ohio land. But we are glad that football is back.

  4. One reason to add college football to the mix, it starts earlier than pro football. I’ve already been to 2 games. But it was nice to let the football wash over me yesterday. Looks like another tough year in the NFC East for the ‘Skins.

    Is that you in a Chris Cooley #47 jersey?

  5. Football season hell yes!! Gotta root for my Yellow Jackets..tough game last night but we’ll be back…nice pic btw, too bad the Eagles are gonna rock the Skins this year, yay!

  6. The Skins lost to the Lions……I think it’s time to hang my head in shame.

  7. 1-2 … not so good

  8. Fun blog!!! New fan here.

  9. write something or are you just lazy?

    • How very brave of you to make an anonymous comment! Look douche, I happen to have an extremely busy semester with working, school and an internship. I will update the blog when I have time to sit down and write something. Until then read my past posts or forget my web address exists. I don’t need some chicken shit from the peanut gallery telling me how to run my own blog and life. If you are still unsatisfied, you can start a blog of your own.

  10. Whoa, easy there, Slut, otherwise I’d think it’s the Skins taking the field.

    I’m as anonymous as your pseudonym or your cropped photos, so lose that sarcasm eh.

    You’re not lazy. You just need a break from making shit up. Good shit, though.

  11. Oh my… whenever I read such comments I really come to think that many people do not understand the concept of blogging. The author of a blog writes whenever he/she feels like it, not when a certain amount of time has passed. It’s a hobby, not a job. And although you might find this blog particularly interesting and wish to read more, you have no warranty that bosteen will update every X days.

    So, quit the nagging, it will only make the whole blogging stoff less interesting for her.

  12. where’d ya go? nothing since september?

    hope ur just busy.


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