Posted by: bosteen | July 2, 2009

Family get away

Finally, I have a day off. I shouldn’t say it that way because it is my fault. The plan was to load up on hours early this week so I could have seven days off. Seven wonderful days of vacation. My blood pressure drops so much after I think of not dealing with Tweedle Dee and Dum at work.

Wolfe and I leave for my grandfather’s beach house tomorrow.  My grandfather has passed but the house is still in the family.  It will be a family weekend until Sunday.  On Sunday, my parents are going back home leaving Wolfe and I to our own devices until Thursday.  It is a shame the house isn’t in a good spring break place but it is nice to spend some weekends during the summer there.  If I don’t post before the forth, have a happy and safe holiday.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Oh, I suspect you and Wolfe can put it to good “Spring Break” type use, no matter what the location. 😉

    There’s something I keep meaning to ask. I’ve been assuming that Wolfe is the same Miss Wolfe from “Love in the Capitol.” She sometimes refers to a friend named “Slut” and a lot of other things seem to add up. So . . . is that her?

  2. Have fun on the beach you two.

  3. Enjoy your week off. The rest of us (myself included) have to go back to work on Monday. Can you say where your Grandfather’s beach house is? In the northeast or farther south? What’s the weather like there?

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