Posted by: bosteen | June 18, 2009

About me

First, I want to thank those who sent a supportive e-mail or comment my direction.  My intention was to disable comments but couldn’t find how to do it.  I will not approve the comments good or  bad on the previous post.  Why?  It was me blowing off steam.

I will give you a little insight into the way I function.  When I get angry, I blow up and let it go for most things.  I don’t hold grudges, unless it is a serious issue. I will defend myself when I feel attacked.  There is no other option with my upbringing.

When my integrity is called into doubt, it is an attack on me.  It won’t happen with one comment.  The side comment from FlashG is not what got my goat.  I understand where FlashG’s comment came from.  It was the 27 e-mails that followed.  Yes, I counted them.  It took up half of my inbox, I can’t ignore when half of my inbox is full with hate filled words.  I understand the forum that I post.  I understand there will be “trolls”.  I get them from time to time.  However, they are usually spread out and I deal with them on a one on one basis.  I refused to deal with them all singularly, thus yesterday’s post.  The issue is over.  Please don’t comment on this post.

Slut X


  1. A suggestion: How about painting a picture that’ smore like amateur hook up instead of professional porn. . . just saying.

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