Posted by: bosteen | June 15, 2009

Stuff of dreams

It was a miserable day on Saturday.  My dumb ass coworker was running late for work again.  This day in particular made me angry because I had a date planned.  When she showed up an hour late, I had more than a few choice swear words for her.  I was going to be super late.  There would be barely enough time to change.  The time situation got worse when I just missed my train.    I made a quick call to my date to tell him but it went straight to voice mail.  I called Wolfe to tell her the situation and ask her to cover for me.  She was happy to cover.

I arrived home to Wolfe and my date sitting on the couch talking.  After several apologies, I quickly, fifteen minutes, got ready for my date.  We went on our date.  It was pretty much a useless thing to do.  I was pissy because of my coworker and he wasn’t happy about me being thirty minutes late.  We attempted to get past the beginning of the date but nothing was quite working.  The date ended two hours later with me apologizing for the date.  I walked dejected to my apartment door.

As I approached my door, there were two voices coming from my apartment.  I recognized the voices.  They weren’t talking.  One of the voices was moaning and the other grunting with some dirty talk.  My first thought was “at least  someone is getting a dick” but the longer I thought, the more I wanted to catch a glimpse.  Maybe, I could sneak in the apartment, watch a moment, and then go masturbate.  I quietly opened the door.

An incredibly hot view presented itself.  Wolfe was naked on the La-Z-Boy chair, her knees on the seat and hands holding on the back of the chair.  Behind her, Football Player stood with no pants.  Wolfe was moaning much like I do when FP is driving that thick black dick in my pussy.  He told Wolfe what a good slut she was and how great her pussy felt as he pumped her.  They didn’t notice me standing by the door and I wasn’t about to call attention to myself.  I thoroughly enjoyed the scene before me.  It was my own little porn theater in my living room.

The short glimpse turned into me watching them fuck.  I could not bring myself to look away from them.  The longer I watched, the wetter my pussy became.  Unknowingly, I leaned back against the wall and began to rub my nipples through my shirt.  FP started to go harder into Wolfe.  I could tell from the pain-pleasure sound in her moan.  She has done this to me when I got going a little too hard with a strap-on.  I wanted to join them more than anything, but I wasn’t about to interrupt their fucking.  My pussy was so wet and desired attention.  I slipped a hand up my skirt.  Finger tips ran over my pussy lips.  The tell tale signs of FP about to blow his load showed.  After fucking him for over a year, I can tell.  His dirty talk happened less and less.  There were more time between thrusts.   I was jealous that Wolfe was going to get that huge load inside her.  With a couple more pumps, FP gave his triumphant roar.  I knew his cum was gushing into her sweet tasting pussy.  I wanted to be a part of the two of them so much.

Check in tomorrow for the conclusion.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I’ll like to fuck you ! I’m so hot days, anfd there no one around ! I’l like to meet you and have sex ! I’m 20, i’m not a old shit, young fresh and very experience in sex ! Com’on !

  2. Honestly, I would have taken the under on 6/13 as the date of the first threesome with Wolfe moving in for the summer.

    But I’m bad at gambling.

  3. It’s been a while and after reading that post I am never going to miss another post. You have the ability describe things so vividly, it is just hot!

  4. Um. Yeah. That’s fucking amazing.

  5. Wow, the way you told that story was absolutely amazing. It would be a lie if I said reading that did not have powerful effect on my brain and my cock. You made me cum like a geyser! Thank you for being so hot!

  6. Very nice post… lol I’m impressed at the wide range of your fans, from the sophisticated to the 20 yr old, thats “very experience in sex” glad you didnt join in, a threesome is fun, but sometimes there’s that extra thrill of just watching 😀

  7. I wanna be FP!

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