Posted by: bosteen | June 9, 2009

The dance

I had to close the store Saturday night.  Closing the store in summer isn’t too bad.  There is a little bit of light out when I lock the door, so it feels earlier than it is.  My trainee was there as well.  I swear she is more incompetent than the other woman that works there.  Her boyfriend came to pick her up from work and I ended up letting her go home early because they were so cute together I wanted to puke.

It wasn’t a big deal because I arranged Football Guy to come at closing.  He showed up right on time.  He had a devilish look to his eye.  However, I planned on the trainee being present so I did not plan anything special.  He was looking good, not in the traditional sense.  He looked like he was playing basketball and came to get me.  He had on a muscle shirt and mesh basketball shorts.  His clothes showed off his muscular body.  There are few things sexier than toned, strong arms.

I went through the normal closing procedures and walked back to my manager’s desk to put the stuff away.  While putting away the credit card receipts, an idea came to mind.  A very fun idea.  I pulled off my shirt, then called Football Guy to the back room.  I heard the storeroom doors open as my skirt hit the floor.  He turned the corner to see me standing in front of the desk in bra, panties, thigh highs and my heels.  He walked closer to me, his mouth open and finally managed to utter, “damn baby!”

My answer was simple.  I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him to me.  I gave him a deep, wet kiss and pushed my hand go down his shorts to stroke his dick.  He grabbed at my ass lifting me to my tip toes.  I pulled back my lips and he released  my ass.  With a quick tug, I removed his shorts and boxers.  His dick looked so good but I wasn’t done with him yet.  I told him to sit in the manager’s chair.  He sat down.  His eyes sparkled because he knew there was going to be a show.

I began to dance for him.  First, I removed my bra and threw it at him.  He reached out with his hands trying to grab at my boobs.  I slapped his hands away.  His hands went to the arms of the chair.  I was going to use this to my advantage.  My hands went over his wrists and I bent over him, so my tits danced around his face.  He could of lifted his arms, he is very strong, but chose to go along with me.  He was attempting to lick and suck on my boobs, so I stood up straight.   After sexily turning around, I squatted down so my panty covered ass was up against his dick and began to grind up on him.  Football Guy sat back to enjoy the show.  I leaned back against his chest with my back and continued to gyrate on his dick.  He was keeping his hands to himself so I decided to take it up another notch.  Reaching over to one of his hands, I guided it to my pussy and started to rub myself.  His hand suddenly got a life of its own.  The other hand started to fondle my breast.

The lap dance didn’t take long to get me worked up to the point that I needed his dick  inside me.  My pussy was wet from his hand and feeling his dick up against me.  I stood up in front of him with my ass still toward his face.  I bent over as my panties were pushed down.  It ended with my ass in the air and legs spread in front of him.  There was the sound of a smack and then his fingers went between my legs and inside my pussy for the last time.  He took his fingers out when I stood up.  I at back as he held his hard cock upward.  Slowly, I lowered my pussy on him.  My legs were spread as I leaned back against him and began to move my hips.

Football Guy shoved the fingers that were in my pussy in my mouth.  I could taste my juices on my tongue.  My pussy loved being wrapped around his cock as it moved inside me.  He was kissing my neck and playing with my nipples.  It wasn’t enough though, I needed more.  I began to rub my clit with a free hand.  It took my breath away for a moment as all the sensations ran through my body.  Looking back, it was a little too much because my pussy quickly cummed.  It cummed hard.  I could feel run over the lower part of my ass.  The orgasm was fucking amazing so it was well worth it in the end.  I continued to fuck his cock.

I was getting uncomfortable in the current position, so I stood up to bend over my manager’s desk.  Football Guy didn’t miss a beat.  He had his hands on my hips and stood behind me in no time.  He punished me for all the teasing I did with my lap dance.   His thrusts were deep and fast.  There was the sound and smell of sweaty fucking bodies in the air.  Those cum filled balls hit up against me.  I needed them to send their creamy juice into my pussy.  I could tell from his thrusts that he was coming close to orgasm and started to talk dirty to him.  He roared as he had his orgasm.  A big load of cummed poured into my pussy.  I pushed back with my hips to milk every last drop out of him.

He pulled out of me when he finished.  I stood up and deeply kissed him.  There was cum on the floor from where it came out of me.  On my manager’s chair there was a big wet spot from my orgasm.   With my panties, I wiped up my pussy.  Football Guy and I got dressed and left the store.  I left my panties for the football player at his request.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. And I thought it was just the customers who are fucking. I hope you’re not so irritable anymore.

  2. He wore boxers to play basketball!? Ouch.

    • My apologies for being slightly vague. They were boxer briefs.

  3. Now I know what’s going on when I go into a store and there are no employees around

  4. Are you sure that the football Guy has your panties? Didn’t you do this one time before and you accidentally left some of your clothes in the store and had to go in early and open up?

    P.S.: I wonder if the trainee and he boyfriend will be doing the same thing when she’s closing by herself.

    • God help the store if she closes by herself. I am positive he has them.

  5. Oooh, very nice! I need to give my lover a lap dance!

  6. I want a lap dance from you sexi

  7. Wow….that is the correct way to close shop for the evening. Thank you for sharing….that was just I may need to just go for a walk or go upstairs and wake my sexy hw for some morning play. 😉

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