Posted by: bosteen | May 31, 2009

Gung ho

When Sarge told me of our date, he didn’t tell me where it was.  He told me to dress casual.  I chose to go with a jean skirt, pull over shirt and heels.  Sarge seem to approve from the look on his face.  After a quick introduction to Wolfe, we headed out on our date.  I am not going to tell you about the date part of the date.  You don’t want to hear about it.

We went back to Sarge’s place after our date.  I am not a fan of going to the guy’s place.  It is too much of a pain in the ass.  We both don’t have to get up for him to go home.  Additionally, I think my bed is comfortable.

Sarge let me in the door first.  His place was spotless.  I turned to kiss him.  We embraced, his strong arms wrapped around me.  They stayed on my back at first but later migrated down to my ass.  He pulled up the back of my skirt with one hand leaving the other hand free to spank my ass.  A moan filled the air along with the sound of him smacking my ass.

We stopped kissing.  I pulled away from him with the intent of walking back to his bedroom.  Sarge grabbed my arm.  With a quick jerk, my back was agaist his chest.  One of his arms held me close to him.  The free hand moved my head to the side so he could lick, kiss and nibble on my neck and ear.  I was unable to move and I enjoyed it.

His hand went down my body to my skirt.  Sarge’s fingers were nimble as he removed my skirt.  I resisted his grip because I knew it would turn him on more.  It would make him want to shove his dick hard in me when we fucked.  His free hand was now down my panties.  He was torturing me with his fingers.  They were rubbing my pussy lips, slit and clit.  I desperately needed him to penetrate me.  My ass was my only weapon in my situation.  I rubbed it up against his hard cock to tease him.  The problem was I wanted his cock penetrating me even more as I felt him on my ass.  I was getting to him because his finger plunged into my wet pussy.  He was trying to get me to stop rubbing on his dick but my ass didn’t stop.

I finally hit Sarge’s tipping point.  He led me to his dining room and bent me over his table.  My ass was up in the air.  I knew he was going to hammer my pussy.  He struggled to get my panties off  but decided to rip them off of me.  Sarge tightly gripped my hips and thrust deep in my pussy.  I let out a loud noise of pleasure.  He pumped his dick hard and fast into me.  My body jerked foward with each thrust followed closely by a grunt/moan.  An orgasm hit me in mid thrust from Sarge.  It wasn’t a normal orgasm.  I could feel my juices run down my inner thigh.  Sarge’s response was “Fuck yes!” as I gushed on his dick.  He didn’t last much longer.  He pulled out of my pussy when he was ready.  A few jerks of his pole and he shot his load all over my ass.

Sarge and I went at it one more time before I went home.    Once at home, I got a shower to was off his and my dried cum.  I snuggled close to Wolfe and went to sleep.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Wow that is an amazing post. Incredibly hot!

  2. Glad that Sarge didn’t have a typical bachelor pad and that you were able to enjoy yourself even if you had to be the one to get up and go home. Wouldn’t taking Sarge back to your place with Wolfe there been complicated? Or do you have some sort of arrangement worked out?

    • Not really. When she is there, it makes me more creative with my sex options. This means it could be a quickie in a bathroom or something much kinkier.

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