Posted by: bosteen | May 25, 2009

Family picnic

Yesterday, my parents had their beginning of summer/Memorial Day picnic.  The invites are close family and some of my dad’s military buddies.  There is grilling, beer, swimming, catching up with people’s lives and laughing at military stories that have been told time and time again.  Wolfe is a member of the family in my parent’s eyes.  It is funny because if you ask my dad about his kids, he’s had two daughters since he moved to Boston.  Wolfe’s parents treat me much the same way.

My dad was all smiles when Wolfe and I showed up.  He was asking tons of questions for Wolfe.  How was her semester?  What she was doing for the summer?  How was the apartment?… What were her plans for graduation?  Wolfe told him about going to grad school.  When she mentioned it, he looked my direction.  I didn’t like the look.

Later I was helping him out at the grill and he asked me about my thoughts on grad school.  I told him my plans post graduation were work a couple years then maybe grad school or possibly joining the navy. I could tell he was proud of the last option.  He had the same look on his face when my brother joined.  He told me not to rule out grad school with the job market.  Adding, he would help me out with the expenses if I wanted to go for my masters.  I hate it when he does sweet things.  It has me rethinking my whole plan.

I will be back tomorrow to tell you about Friday.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. The economy may pick up; but grad school is not a bad option. I’m sure that it will be much better by the time that you finish grad school. And, another few years in college sure beats joining the workaday world of cube farm land for the next 50 years. We aren’t hiring anybody where I work. The biggest question is when not if the next round of layoffs will be.

  2. I agree with MCB, the market is tough at the moment, and if you were my daughter, I’d suggest the same thing. In fact, I DID tell my daughter the same thing.

    I made her promise me to keep me fed in Meow Mix and cable TV in my dotage, though.

  3. Do what you really want. I’m just getting out of grad school now. I wanted to go back, even though there was pressures to just get a job back then. Not exactly good prospects now coming out. You really have to want it, for grad school to mean something. Otherwise it’s just another use of time, like a mediocre job. Besides are you more turned on by intellectuals, or would you like to slap around some navy boys for a while? (I’ll still read the blog either way)

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