Posted by: bosteen | May 22, 2009


I read a post earlier today from Dalliance (in my favorite list) where her and her husband have sex on their new boat.  It got me to thinking.  I’ve never had sex on a boat. Car? Truck? Train?  Bus?  All yes, but no boat.  It amazes me, with all the places I’ve lived close to water and navy bases, that there is no sex on a boat.  I need to remedy this situation.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. in a tree in a park near Bostong was the craziest place for me. The beauty of public is the rush- totally real

  2. Maybe you can talk to these guys – they seem to know something about boats:

  3. I fucked a mermaid. Believe me.

    • I almost do. However, you humping your sister’s Little Mermaid pillow doesn’t count as a real mermaid.

  4. Boats are hard; especially if you don’t own one. There are some wild happenings on some of the party boats (similar to the pontoon boat in Kid Rocks All Summer Long video) people have on the lakes around here; but it’s a hard thing to pull off when there aren’t any parties going on.

    BTW: Qs are member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Its more commonly found at HBCs; but there are chapters at most large colleges/universities.

  5. I’m having a dry spell on my boat…..please feel free to take advantage of the opportunity (said with tongue firmly in cheek).


  6. Sounds like you need to hit Spring Break like we do it out here on the West Coast.

    Havasu has so many boats, you could practically walk across the lake.

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