Posted by: bosteen | May 15, 2009

A failure of manhood

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post on me being super sexual.  If you remember, I grabbed a guy’s ass in the stairs at school.   This week, while going up the stairs at school,  the same guy tells me, “It’s my turn to grab your ass.”  I smiled and looked back at him.  “Go ahead.” I reached the top of the stairs and …… HE DID NOTHING.

He fails as a man!  A girl with a good ass, my opinion of myself,  gives him permission to grab her ass and he doesn’t.  I am insulted.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. More men would fail than you might think. A lot of guys are all talk and no action. You won’t encounter as many her in blogland, since you have to be somewhat of an extrovert to have a blog. But, in real life, there a lot more talkers than doers. If it had been me, my hand would have been roaming until you stopped it. I learned a long time ago that you never know what might happen unless you try something.

  2. MCB has it partially right.
    Most guys–this poster included–dream, or fantasize, about being with a stunningly hot and sexy, aggressive woman.

    But then they back off. Is it because we want a demure, virginal woman we have to conquer? Maybe.

    I suspect it’s more that we’re afraid of not meeting such a woman’s expectations: Am I big enough? Am I good enough? Will I last long enough, or is she so hot that I’ll finish too soon?

    None of this applies to me. I’d grab that ass and then throw you on the floor . . .

  3. Whatever the reason…to nervous, to suprised, to intimidated…I guarantee he’s regreted not reaching out and grabbing a handful. There’s no doubt he’s thought about it quite a bit since.

    The new banner photo is awesome! You look amazing.

  4. Notwithstanding your permission, maybe he didn’t think he could get way with it, for whatever reason. He’s attached? A woman can get away with it a lot better than a man can. No doubt he’s regreting it and will look for another chance.

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