Posted by: bosteen | May 13, 2009

E-mail about Lex

A reader writes:

You have the chance to fuck Lex Steele, and I mean really fuck Lex. He’ll take charge, use that fat-ass cock and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. Your pussy will be sore for days after. He has one catch though- he insists on filming it. He may or may not want to use it or release it for anything, and obviously he has to have your consent before doing so, but without filming it he won’t fuck you.  Do you still go through with it? Why or why not?

To start,  the chances of him asking me this are slim and none.  Hypothetical questions always bother me but I ask them so I can’t complain when someone asks me one.

The smart ass answer is who says I wouldn’t want to video it for myself.  After all, it is Lexington Steele.  I would want a keep sake from such an encounter.  Also, I don’t think there is enough video tape in the world to keep a record of the things I would do to him.  There is some truth to this answer.  I would love to have a video of me fucking him.  I would watch it constantly while masturbating.

The more serious answer is there would be restrictions placed on it being released.  I am careful enough with my identity on this blog, do you think I would submit to making a porn movie that could be released to the public?  I can see the disappointment in my father’s eyes right now.  He wouldn’t care about the sex or because Lex is black.  It would be the public forum and the ability of all his friends or business associates to see it.  I couldn’t do that to him.  If there was a sentence saying it was for his own private viewing, then yes.  Otherwise, I would never agree to it.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Even if it were promised to be only for private use, I still wouldn’t let him videotape. It’s not him that I wouldn’t trust, it’s his assistants or his maid or his nephew or . . .

  2. Lex has ways about him, I know in his videos (or at least it seems) that the women always get worked out to the fullest.

    But I can totally understand about the privacy thing, sometimes its the one thing we can claim as our own

  3. Lexington steele probably has so much unreleased video footage, having one of you that he won’t release probably isn’t a huge deal. Not only that, but he _is_ a business man with a good reputation in the industry. Releasing video against someones wishes would be bad for his rep. Also remember, that _you_ have to sign a model release, or he can’t do anything with it.

    That said, Tell us what you would like to do _to_ him, that there wouldn’t be enough video in the world for.

  4. Lex Steele was the star of the first porn I ever bought!!! Needless to say it really fucked with my 16 year old sense of proportion. It wasn’t until I went to my first swingers club 3 years later that I realized that I didn’t have the smallest cock in the world… lol!

  5. Look at all of the hospital workers who were selling information from Farah’s private medical records. The only way to truly keep something a secret is for there to be no witnesses and no photographic or video record. But, even if it’s never going to happen, that’s a video that I could defiantly visualize in my mind’s eye. I bet you both could teach something to each other.

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