Posted by: bosteen | May 12, 2009


To the disappointment of the guys in Boston and the readers, I have not been my super sexual self.  My daily masturbation in the morning has been enough to satisfy me.  I blame the end of semester stress and work.  It could be the last couple guys also.  They didn’t do much for me.  Or, it could be a low cycle.  Either way, there isn’t much to write about on the sex front.

A dorky friend of mine, said with love, talked me into seeing the new Star Trek movie.  I know nothing about Star Trek other than vague pop culture references.   It was a decent movie.  Zoe Saldana is super hot.  I need one of those miniskirt uniforms to wear around.  When I told my friend this, she replied, “Are you trying to give men heart attacks?”  My response was to laugh and tell her “never”.  I would look so hot in one.  It is in the front running for Halloween.

The cat is out of the bag so to speak.  I will be having a house guest this summer.   Big Bad Wolfe is coming to stay with me over summer.  It brings a smile to my face every time I think on it.  I have known for a while that she was coming but I didn’t feel at liberty to say.  It is her life after all.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. yes, get that mini-skirt, I think that will be hot

    • Did you think I would be wrong? LOL

  2. not at all…any heart attacks suffered would be a well accepted smile haha

  3. So, is there anything between you and Wolfe? 😛

  4. Y’know, I recently saw a replica original series Kirk Captain chair for sale; I think it’s at — full size and expensive. About $3k, I think.

    My wife and I had been looking for a reading chair (wink wink) for the bedroom and, seeing it, I suggested getting it. I also said I could get her one of the red minidress uniforms to go with it.

    With her best “here it comes” smile she put her hand on my shoulder and said, “oh, baby, I’m sorry, there are just some things you’re going to have to go to a prostitute for”.

  5. Any chance for a threesome with the Wolfe, narrated from two different perspectives?

  6. I think you look plenty hot in boots, tank top and a jean mini skirt header. You in a star trek mini dress would be to die for.

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