Posted by: bosteen | May 6, 2009


Most of my readers aren’t from Boston so I am going to expose you to something.  Not that kind of exposure. Perv!  There is a biweekly publication and website in the Boston area (it could be other places but I don’t think it is) called Barstool Sports.  They have some hottie cover model, like any good magazine, and there are 10 questions inside with the photos.  The current issue’s model has thrown me off.

9. What’s your biggest turn off in guys?

A guy who can hold a conversation.

I hope this was a typo.  Otherwise, she must be a girl of action.  You can say the same about me but I at least like to talk to them a little bit.  I do enjoy a good conversation or debate as JC knows.  He and I had a little “discussion” about two months ago about politics.  Anyhow, I found that a little odd.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Well her favorite movie is Rush Hour. Can’t expect too much.

  2. I’m assuming there’s a “‘t” missing but you can never tell. Most guys were probably too busy looking at the pictures to notice. I wouldn’t categorize her as having “model quality” looks but my tastes are different than a lot of people.

  3. how much cum can a sponge hold?

  4. Well, conversations can be an awful lot of work. I can see how that might wear her out. 😉

  5. yeah, I’m thinking an editorial faux pas…..

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