Posted by: bosteen | April 29, 2009

He fixes the cable?

Another successful party.  Next year, I have to cut down on the number of people or have it moved to a bigger place.  Karl Hungus was well received, even though he is a nihilist.  I bought a pair of coveralls, cut off the arms and borrowed one of my dad’s tool belts (I never figured out why he had more than one).  I dressed in my coveralls, no shirt and zipped down to show off lots of cleavage.  A bra was necessary.  If I let the girls free, they could put out someone’s eye.  How could I live with that on my conscience?  The party started off with some drinking, then we all crammed in close to watch the movie and finally back to some drinking.  I had so many white russians that I don’t want to see another until next year.

There were some funny moments.  The rookies are always funny.  A friend brought a new boyfriend.  He never saw the movie, so my friend dressed him up in a bathrobe, aka the Dude.  He made the mistake of saying he was the Big Lebowski.  We all groaned at his misunderstanding.  There were requests for him to be removed from the party but we chose to educate him.  Big Red came this year for the first time.  I told her to dress in a bikini and call herself bunny.  Big Red is a taller (like 5’10) version of me (tits and an ass black guys would die for) with red hair.  Thus, she garnered the attention of many guys.  I can’t blame them, she looked so gorgeous.

Its late and I need some sleep.  Until next year, the Dude abides.

Slut X


  1. I love the coveralls costume.

    Big Red sounds like just my type (I’m 6’5″.) Although I still hold out hope for Bosteen.

  2. I can just envision you in the overalls costume; but, since I wear glasses, I’d take my chances of getting an eye poked out. 🙂 Braless is always in interesting and very welcome look, especially when combined with costume party outfits. Other than Big Red, were ether any other notable costumes?

  3. Big Red should go as Jessica Rabbit. Yes, it’s dated after the Jessica Biel thing, and yes, it’s not the Big Lebowski, but . . . it’s still hot.

  4. You have an entire party dedicated to The Big Lebowski – thats just awesome

  5. Jesus! You’re back! When was that you said you wouldn’t write?! I haven’t been here since! I guess more than 6 month! Let me see what was goin’ on!

  6. Glad to hear the party was a success!!

  7. Well Im glad that you had a fun time at the party. Hehe, “Im the Big Lebowski”…should hog tie him and…

    Yes, Big Red does sound yummy 😉

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