Posted by: bosteen | April 26, 2009

E-mail questions

I just read your post “Can I have another, please”,  you are so much fun. So awesome, so awesome. I can’t believe you actually grabbed his butt, but I love you even more for doing it. I’m just curious, how come you didn’t try to start a conversation with him (and maybe make him a fuck buddy)? Do you feel nervous around really hot guys? Is it harder to talk to super, super hot guys compared to regular decent looking guys?  I don’t have fear when it comes to approaching people.  If anything, my military brat experience taught me to get past that stuff a long time ago.  There is no reason to be nervous around them, they should be nervous around me (insert nefarious laugh).  As far as the ass grab, if a man looks good to me, it doesn’t mean he will be a toy or I want to talk to him.  Some people are prettier to look at or grope.  I was in the moment.  It felt like the correct thing to do in my mind.

When do you know that you want to have sex with a guy? (… 5 minutes? … 2 hours+?) Would you have sex with any guy? For example:  A super, super hot looking guy, but he has zero social skills, clueless about women, and extremely boring.  A fat, really ugly bastard, but he is very funny, romantic and talks about sex.  Average looking guy who is a little funny, a very tiny bit romantic and talks about sex a very tiny bit.  There is no set of time that determines the future possibility of sex.  The chemistry is there or it isn’t.  Sometimes the chemistry takes a while to develop and sometimes it is instant.  Regarding your different kind of men situations, there are a couple answers.  I should say the politically correct answer but I’m not going to piss on your shoe and tell you its raining.  The middle guy stands no chance at sex.  As much as people want to fool themselves, everyone wants the attractive type of person for their taste.  The middle guy isn’t my taste.  I don’t go for overweight people romantically.  I am not a chubby chaser.  I am friendly to everyone that doesn’t piss me off, but being friendly doesn’t correlate to sex.  You will ask me “my type” next.  I like a guy that is nice, takes care of himself, confident, not a douche and not a complete moron.

How come you don’t write about guys picking you up at the bars, malls or supermarkets? How often do guys ask you out?  There have been mentions of guys asking me out at work.  The readers really don’t need to know about the random people who ask me out on a date, nor do I think it is interesting.  I don’t really count up the tally of date requests.  I would be a total narcissist if I counted guys asking me out.  Although, there is a degree of narcissism in writing a blog, I am not the kind that stares in the mirror at my unparalleled beauty.  I hope you picked up the sarcasm at the end of the previous statement.  I receive my fair share of requests for a date.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I wonder if your taste in men will change as time goes by. As I have gotten older my tastes have gotten MORE discriminating. When I was younger, I didn’t care if a woman was heavy. Nowadays, I consider being fit much more important even though it’s harder for people my age to stay in good shape and take care of themselves. On the other hand, I am much more forgiving about the things that people can do any thing about.

  2. I hope you had a fun time at the white russian party, I look forward to the post. Great questions being asked btw, thanks for taking the time to answer them.

  3. “I don’t have fear when it comes to approaching people. If anything, my military brat experience taught me to get past that stuff a long time ago. ”

    I’m a military brat also. I went to 9 different schools between k-12th grade. I liked moving and meeting new people, and still do (even in my 40’s). A lot of people here in new england are put off by my overt friendliness, but I don’t take them seriously. So, I understand.

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