Posted by: bosteen | April 15, 2009

Can I have another, please?

I knew the moment I woke up today, it was going to be fun or torturous.  The alarm clock interrupted a perfectly good sex dream.  My pussy was wet and my clit ready for attention.  I couldn’t wait to get to the shower so I jilled myself in bed.  I was beyond horny because I got off very quickly.  I licked my fingers clean and went to take my shower.  In most cases, one little masturbatory experience is enough to get me through the morning.  Today was not the case.  I quickly found my fingers deep in my pussy while showering.  It took me a little long to get off but when I did, it was amazingly good.  I’m talking weak kneed, need to sit down a moment and catch my breath good.

I figured after the shower the urge would go away for a while.  However, I get to school and walking up the stairs to go to my first class.  This guy in front of me on the stairs has the greatest ass.  My eyes stared like it was a well cooked steak.  I have no control over my hand at this point when it reaches out and grabs his ass. “What the hell!” he exclaims as he turns around.  I had this smile on my mouth and said simply, “what?”  He chuckled and continued up the steps.  I swear he walked slower up the steps after I grabbed his ass.  He was an evil boy to tease me this way.  I would never, ever tease someone like he was.  :]~

His tight butt went in and out of my thoughts during class.  At one point, the thought of his butt led to more tantalizing thoughts.  My mind went to being bent over to me grunting, tits bouncing as I got fucked hard and long.  The area between my legs was getting wetter.  I needed to stop thinking about it but I couldn’t stop.  When the class finally ended, I dialed a number real quick.  “Are you free in an hour to meet up?”, I asked on my way to the restroom.  The guy answered, “yes.”  We set up a time and place to meet so I could get my need fulfilled.  I hung up the phone, went in the restroom and masturbated for the third time.

There is much more to my day but I need to get a shower, eat and get ready for football guy to pay me a visit.  I will finish this later today if there is time or tomorrow.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. So today is already at least a two for day. How do you decide who to call?

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