Posted by: bosteen | March 29, 2009

Hot italian sausage

For those who were curious, I took the advice of JC.  You may remember him from my repeating dream post.  I chose the fun attire but with a little twist.  JC suggested going to commando which I did.  The guy’s name is Vinny.  Why Vinny?  He reminds me of one of those cocky italian New York City guys.  The type that thinks they have a big, hot, italian sausage between their legs.

Big Red took me out to lunch this past week and that is where I met Vinny.  He was leaving her building as I dropped her back off at work.  We talked for a couple moments before he asked me out.  He was cute, a little cocky and offered a really nice dinner, so I said yes.  Its hard to turn down a nice free meal when you operate on a budget.

The date was so-so.  He is nice to look at but a little too cocky for my liking.  I am not sure if Vinny was trying to put on a show or not.  There is some chemistry there but the combination of me being a little tired and his cockiness wasn’t enough for that night.  After dinner, I faked having some cramps to go back home and end the date.  He asked if I wanted to go out again.  I agreed and we set a time for this week.  I am hoping the overly cocky attitude gets toned down a little because I think he would be a good fuck.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. See?
    It’s not fair that you can get away with that. Every time i used the cramp excuse, they just look at me funny. 😉

    Lets hope he is a nicer guy than hey portayed himself as.

  2. I hope Vinny is not a dud. A big sausage isn’t any good if he doesn’t know what to do with it.

    P.S. With many of today’s ‘ fashions for women going commando is almost required. I hope you were wearing something that was “fun”.

  3. I suggested commando too…..too bad it didn’t cum in handy!

  4. First date = maximum cockiness. It’s a defense mechanism for us guys.

    Hopefully he tones it down a bit next time.

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