Posted by: bosteen | March 26, 2009


Its been a while since I last posted.  Wolfe came to visit, we went to vegas, my 2 year blog anniversary passed, St. Patrick’s Day and Business Traveller visited.  I must update you on these things.  However, I am having a total girly moment.  I have a date coming to get me at 7 and I am unsure what to wear.  I am torn between tighter and sexy or loose fitting and fun.  This is why I hate first dates with people because I can never make up my mind on the mood I wish to set with my attire.  Do guys ever go through this?  Back later.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. On a ‘date’, yes.
    On a ‘meeting’, no.

    Wear something for easy access; men always like that.

    Look forward to your updates, i miss them.

  2. I always vote for a little too tight, especially on women with zero fat like yourself.

    And no, we guys never go thought this.

  3. I say wear something that you can fuck in without having to take off – tube top and miniskirt/commando, for example….

  4. We prefer you wear nothing but that is just us. 😉

  5. Hope you had fun on the date!

  6. Of COURSE guys go through this. Who wants to set the wrong mood and blow it right off the bat. Especially with such an obvious “catch” as you.

    Looking forward to your updates. RR

  7. Nah not really..maybe a little depending on the venue, but nowadays us guys can mostly get away with a stylish pair of jeans, dressy and clean shoes/boots, and a nice button-down or designer t-shirt, and maybe even a nice blazer if we decide to step it up a little..this seems to work now in any situation that’s not too upscale, and in really any mood I’m trying to set, which for us men, at least for me, is usually just one ha..

    What kind of outfit did you end up choosing?..for venues like clubs/lounges I like a sexy type dress, but for a first date around town having some drinks or whatever I tend to enjoy on a girl a nice fitting pair of jeans or a nice skirt (def shorter, loose or tighter either way), some sexy heels, and a blouse that’s sexy but not too revealing..for a sports game or concert def some nice jeans and a blouse or nicely cut t-shirt :)…I guess it depends tho on how strongly you feel about him to determine what tone you’re trying to set, but I’m sure whatever you had on it most likely turned him on ha..anyway hope you had fun!

    Yeah def let us know what happened in vegas, I can only imagine what could have gone down, peace!

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