Posted by: bosteen | March 5, 2009

Putting the sin in Sin City

It is the time of year for spring break.  When I ended up with straight A’s last semester, my dad offered to buy me a full expense paid spring break trip.  I am not a fool so I accepted.    Added to the offer, Big Bad Wolfe has the same spring break as me this year.  Her and I put our heads together to think of a place to go.  We decided on Las Vegas.  We can fully enjoy the Vegas experience since we are 21 now.

With this in mind, I need some advice from the readers.  This will be my first time in Vegas.  I need suggestions.  Where are the best places to go party?  What is the best thing to do during the day?  Happy Humping!

Slut X

On an aside, I just heard the Dallas Felons released T.O.  If the Redskins sign him, I am no longer a fan of the Skins.  He is a disaster of a player and will rip apart the team, just like every other team he has been.  He is an average WR and drops way too many passes.  If T.O. signs with the Skins, I am becoming a Giant fan.


  1. Danny S. and the skins will love T.O., let’s see it happen. I’m looking forward to seeing 81 in his 3rd NFC East jersey, maroon and gold.

  2. pool
    hard rock
    best place in LV

  3. I’m a skins fan too and would also not be able to cheer for them if they sign TO. On a positive, the skins have already stated they are not interested in signing him.
    vegas is awesome, two hot girls couldn’t have a bad time if they tried. Hit the clubs at the palms.

  4. The Palms is the place for you. Definrtley visit the pool at Hard Rock it is sublime.

  5. I’ve got a bad feeling the Redskins are one of the only teams that might take T.O.

  6. Depends what you are looking for. Palms has a younger crowd and has like 3 or 4 clubs. Walking the strip and having an adventure is always a good time.

    When is your spring break?

  7. Hard Rock pool is a great place or at least it was a few years ago. The Hotel used to have a “Euro” pool where you could go topless but my bet is that it’s probably full of sketchy middle aged dudes.

  8. Sometimes it works, though: Randy Moss fit in with the Patriots. (Having known Marbury back in high school, I don’t know if he’ll do as well with the Celtics.)

    Be sure to check out New York New York for pizza.

  9. I live in Vegas, Anywhere u 2 fine girls go will be off the chain just hit up the clubs on the strip and you’ll be fine. Holla at ya boy!

  10. I lived there a couple years ago. Daytime – visit Red Rock Canyon, off the Strip casinos (lower minimums on table games, cheaper slots), the chocolate factory, shopping several casinos have malls in them. Night time – just ask anybody at the hotel or in a clothing store because there are dress codes for most places. They should be able to tell you where the hot spots are now.

  11. Forget that, you know Philly is where it’s at, yay!!!! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun in Vegas! As far as the hotels/casinos go, the Bellagio is awesome, especially the huge timed water fountain out front, sweet!

  12. Cirque du Solei – O

  13. As a Bengals fan, I’m hoping that he signs with a team in the AFC North so that so there is one less tem they will have to contend with. He was a good receiver once upon a time; but he destroys every team he joins.

    Have a good time in Vegas. There are a LOT of unattached guys there so you can probably do anything that you want.

  14. Judging from your personality and blog…I would say that you would love love love to stay at the Wynn. It’s classy, yet sexy.

    The pool there is really amazing, and there european sunbathing so you’ll make sure you won’t have any nasty tan lines. On Friday nights go to the palm, Saturday look around, and sunday night definetely go to Tryst. You’ll also enjoy Rehab Sundays at the Hard Rock.

    Enjoy and make sure you come back with some great stories…what happens in Vegas, doesn’t have to stay in Vegas!

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