Posted by: bosteen | March 3, 2009

Rerunning dream

There has been a re-occurring dream in my sleep the last week.  It stars a friend of mine, myself and a stranger.  I will call my friend JC, we are like minded and I met him about two and a half years ago.  I can’t be sure why the dream has been repeating in my mind but I always wake up very wet after having it.  You ask, what is this dream?

JC and I are talking on the phone.  We are talking about our day along with a little flirting.  For some reason, I share with him that I have this desire to be watched as I fuck another guy.  He has an interested reply, suggesting that we should go to a bar and pick up a guy sometime.  He would love to watch me fuck another guy.  JC quickly talked me into this plan.  I didn’t need much prompting.

I showed up at the bar an hour later wearing heels, a very short skirt, and low cut top.  I saw JC in the corner booth and walked over to him.  Upon sitting down, he ordered me a drink.  We both had big smiles because we were so excited at the possible end to the evening.  We scouted out talent over two drinks, comparing their build, if they looked willing, etc… .  JC finally picked this black man in a business suit and had the look of a rough day of work on his face.  I approached him and offered to buy him a drink.  He gladly accepted my offer.  He talked, I mostly flirted with him.  After ten minutes of flirting, I asked him if he would fuck me while my “boyfriend” (JC) watched.  I promised him JC wouldn’t take off his pants or anything.  I told him we have a hotel room in the building.  He looked me over and said yes.

Once in the room, I undressed him.  He was rock hard.  I began to suck his cock and play with his balls.  From what I saw, JC had a big bulge in his pants.  He man was on the verge of orgasm when I stopped sucking him.  I pushed him to a sitting position on the bed.  Standing in front of him, I did a little strip tease until I was naked.  His dick was rock hard as I straddled him on the edge of the bed and started to take him inside me.  My legs wrapped around him.  My tits bounced in his face.  He tells me to hold on before he turns me over with my back on the bed.  My legs open wide as he pounds my pussy hard and deep.   He doesn’t take any mercy on my pussy.  I look over to see the biggest smile on JC’s face.  The bar patron yells he is going to cum.  I tell him to cum inside me.  He thrusts faster until he nuts in my pussy.

The bar man pulls out of my pussy, dresses and leaves the room.  The entire time he is dressing, I am rubbing my pussy.  His cum is oozing out of my pussy.  The door closes and JC is on his feet.  He licks his lips and gets on his knees.  JC runs his tongue all over the outside of my pussy before he plunges his tongue inside.  His fingers circling my clit as he tongues me.  My hips start to buck a little.  He grabs tight onto me and continues until I cum hard.  JC stands up with my cum all over the bottom half of his face.  He kisses me deeply.  I taste both my and the bar guys cum in his mouth.  JC proceeds to take off his clothes and thoroughly fuck me before we leave the hotel room never to return again.

How does that sound JC?  Are you game?  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. It’s posts like these that inspire me to go and do things I never dreamed possible. Another great post to add to your huge collection. If I were JC, I’d be game and a half. Whatever that means

  2. I’d love to be in JC’s place, eating a delicious creampie out of your young hot pussy.

  3. That was the single hottest thing you’ve ever posted. If JC is out, i’d gladly take his place!

    You will have to explain why it is the hottest thing I ever posted.

  4. Businessmen have all of the luck with you. If you had more free time, you could probably cheer up Wall Street all by yourself. I’ll be thinking about this story the next time I’m out of town sitting in a dead nearly deserted bat after work. I’m not a fan of dead soldiers; but I wouldn’t mind being the bar guy.

    Its like the byline says, “Making the world better one orgasm at a time.”

  5. this is an incredibly literal dream

  6. That was a very hot scene! Are you going to do it for real?

  7. Such a vivid depiction! You seem like the kind of person that can make fantasies happen.

  8. Serving up a little creampie for dessert?
    Well I’ve got the cream filling if you want

  9. great dream bosteen- I wish my name was JC 🙂

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