Posted by: bosteen | February 19, 2009

My Day

I’ve done this thing in the past where I update the blog through out the day. I say the little things that go on in my life. Today, I am doing it again.

11:30 I had an early class today. It was a complete bore. The prof drones on about the subject and is monotone. It really makes the difference in a class if the guy standing in front of you sounds bored with the subject. After class, I went to the gym. I did some squat thrusts, not really it just sounds dirty at the moment. The “you should be in porn” guy was there. He was checking me out most of the time. It made me wet and I enjoyed having his eyes on me. I used this while I masturbated in the shower at home. Now, I am meeting my neighbor, Big Red, for lunch.

13:49  I just returned home from lunch with Big Red.  We had lunch on her expense account which is always nice.  The conversation was mostly catching up guys.  Big Red is a moaner, a loud moaner.  It seems we have competitions some nights.  She asked me about last night.  I told her that Football Guy dropped me off after work.  You know me, I had to repay him for his services.  I ended up bent over my table, taking his dick.  I didn’t want him to cum in my pussy last night.  I wanted a mouth full.  It went a little awry.  I was bobbing on  the tip and it popped out of my mouth.  He squirted some of his cum on my forehead and hair.  Cum in hair is always a pain in the ass.

16:23  I am a news junkie.  It is harder to be one with all the dumb news being presented.  There are serious things in the world happening and people are worried about some dumb bitch in California that had octuplets.  She was shopping for lip gloss, oh my god we need to tell the press.  I am all for having fun and letting loose because life can’t be serious all the time, but how about some common sense.

17:28  Thanks for the comment Jason.  The thought has crossed my mind.  I never plan hooking up, it just happens.  I like to live in the moment.  It makes life a little more exciting.  I will be going down to a casino with her on her birthday.  She is having a party down there and I imagine if anything would happen between us, it would happen then.

20:15  I was lazy tonight and ordered pork fried rice for dinner.  Why do Chinese places have the most unattractive people delivering food.  There should be a law that the delivery person has to be super attractive, male or female.  It would increase the number of delivery orders if there was a gorgeous person showing up at the door.  On the other hand, I would be tempted to pull them inside and ravage their bodies.  I am going out later tonight for a little bit.  WOOHOO!  Its time to party.

01:37  It is technically the next day but oh well.  I was out at a club.  The time seemed to fly and I stayed much longer than I wanted.  I had fun dancing up on guys, making them get hard.  I finished watching Craig Ferguson.  I love him.  He makes me laugh so hard.  Day finished.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. You should invite Big Red over one evening and have fun together!

  2. Cum in hair is always a PIA but it is much better than cum in the nose.

    Half the things that are “news” are only news because people like to pass judgment on someone else. I don’t care if she has 20 kids. But I do care that people are still dying because of stupid, easily prevented stuff.

  3. if you like blogging throughout your day you really should get a twitter account and then you can update it using your cellphone and we’ll all follow you around 😛

    by the way what are you majoring in again?

    I don’t like doing it. There is a request for the twitter account every couple months. The point of yesterday’s post was how uninteresting my life can be. What is usually presented is the more exciting stuff. It is the height of self involvement to think everyone wants to know all the boring, inane details of my life. If I was like that, I would be like the guy in San Francisco that had a webcam on him all the time.

  4. Was the cum in the hair really an accident or a facial without warning? I have to say: I can’t blame the guy for trying 🙂

  5. Yay for the new pic 😉

  6. Setting up something like that wouldn’t be all that hard. I’ve actually thought something like this through while fantasizing and I have some ideas. It would be easy to find willing, good looking guys. Finding willing, good looking women would be harder. It takes a special woman to be a hot slut like you, Bosteen.

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