Posted by: bosteen | February 19, 2009

I want

I am so happy.  Why are you happy Slut?  Business Traveler called me about 5 minutes ago to tell me he will be in town next week.  Its been months since I spent time with him.  I wasn’t available last time because of the surgery.  He really brings the freak out in me.  You are saying, ” There is more freak in you than what you write?”  Yes, there is.  When we first met, there was this instant explosive chemistry between us.  I could see myself settling down with him, if there wasn’t the traveling all the time.  If he lived in boston, it would be dangerous.

Ok, I am done with work now it is 11:30.  The paragraph above was written before work.  I had an off the wall idea while at work today, a single person key party.  Key parties are a 70’s throw back to swingers.  I am neither married, nor attached to someone.  The selection would be hot people because I wouldn’t want to pick the middle aged, out of shape guy.  I really need to set something like that up.  I wonder if I could get enough people interested to do it.  If anyone has advice on how to set it up, let me know.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. why dont you get a twitter account, i’d love to follow you around your day and see what happens, seriously you should do it.

    I don’t know why anyone would want to follow me around all day. I am not near as exciting as everyone thinks. I do a blog about once a year where I update it through the day, you will get one today.

  2. You could set up a key party but it’s harder these days because people seem to have more varied tastes (e.g. bisexual men and women, gay guys, etc.) And, a key party is an icebreaker of sorts. It doesn’t seem that you or any of the guys that you right about need any party games to get started.

  3. It would be pretty easy to set this up in a way that would give you lots of control over who is at the party. I’ve actually put some thought in to doing something like this before. It would be easy to find good looking guys who would do it, due the nature of guys. Finding good looking women who would do it would be the hard part. Not everyone can be the amazing hot slut that you are.

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