Posted by: bosteen | February 17, 2009


Hello readers.  I am borrowing a friend’s computer for the day so I can catch up on some items.  The blog being one.  My computer is still waiting to be fixed because I cannot afford the parts.  My computer friend told me it would be easier and cheaper to buy a new one.  However, if I don’t have the money to buy parts, how the hell am I going to buy a new computer.  Also, I like my little 5 year old computer.

I’ve been my usual self since I last posted.  There was sex and cum.  It was enjoyed.  I haven’t washed my mirror yet. I want to thank the couple people that used the “ask the slut” page.  I have all the questions answered there.

This past weekend was VD (Valentines Day).  I am not a big fan of VD because it seems like a scam.  I went to an Anti-VD party with a couple friends.  We are all single so we don’t have to put up with the super romantic sappy stuff you see on VD.  I wore a short black dress, some heels and a smile.  I found a play thing I had been flirting with for a while to take home with me.  The only thing that was red on Saturday was his condom as he fucked me doggy style.

I have the computer for a couple days so I will have more tomorrow.  I have to sit down and write it.  If you have any suggestions, there is the “Ask the Slut” page or my e-mail.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. You’re at least the fourth woman I know that recently mentioned not wearing panties underneath their dress. I wonder how widespread the practice is. The next time my wife and I go out, I’m going to be wondering what every woman has or doesn’t have on, especially if they are dressed in black.

    Sometimes it is a necessity so a line doesn’t show through the dress. Thongs aren’t always the most comfortable thing to wear to avoid the lines either. On the other hand, I like to go commando sometimes because I feel dirtier or sexier. Plus it is fun.

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