Posted by: bosteen | February 6, 2009

Stimulating the country

Welcome to the Slut Economic Stimulus Plan.  My plan is simple and effective on many levels.  Legalize prostitution and weed.  (I have never done weed or drugs nor would I start.)  It is my opinion these two things would increase tax revenue, create jobs and create a better country.

Job Creation and Taxes: I am not saying everyone will go into prostitution, but there will be some people that will go into the industry.  Furthermore, the prostitutes can get rid of pimps, claim their job on their taxes.  This is more tax money for all the wasteful spending in Washington.  With weed, there is another crop farmers can grow.  You create a new industry with hemp products and the weed cigarettes.  You can tax the weed like tobacco and there is even more money going to the government for wasteful spending.

Improvements: By legalizing these two things, there is less money spent on prisons.  Fewer people in jail for marijuana crimes and less people in jail for rape.  Rape wouldn’t disappear but it would decrease with the availability of a prostitute.  Let’s face it we are all happier after getting off, so more sex can’t hurt.  With legalized prostitution, the government can help prevent the spread of STD’s.  There would be required testing for sex workers and require birth control.

Why it will never happen? It makes sense and will do actual good.  The politicians can’t have that happening.  Although, it would make the escort scandals disappear.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Interesting. I actually just posted about marijuana and why I think it should be legalized.

  2. Stick to sucking cock.

    There is so much hostility in this comment. Relax a little.

  3. We spend way too much time and money policing “moral crimes”. There are a lot of profoundly evil people in the world. We should focus on catching them and not running prostitution stings. Especially since the “regulars” know the girls and almost fall for policewomen pretending to be new talent.

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