Posted by: bosteen | February 4, 2009

Mirror image

In my time off from blogging, I picked up a new toy or two.  This event in my life happens with Sarge.  Sarge is a Marine.  I met him out one night and we hit it off from the beginning.  He is sweet but when it gets down to action, he is very take charge.  Not to mention, a man in a Marine uniform is so fucking sexy.

Anyhow back to the story, I was meeting Sarge at my place last night.  It was about 630 and he wasn’t due to my place at 8.  I was bored and felt the need to work out so I ended up at the gym.  Once I get to the gym, time flies out the window and I always end up being late.  This was the case last night.  I ended up getting home at 8:15 with Sarge waiting on me.  I apologized profusely on the way into my apartment and talked as I walked back to my room.  I didn’t want to get close to him in gym clothes and feeling yucky.  Sarge follows me in the bedroom.  Sitting on my bed, he talked to me as I disrobe to get a quick shower.  I could see him look me over in the wall length mirror in my room.

While I was taking off my shirt, he took the opportunity to sneak up behind me.  When my shirt came off, I was surprised to see him behind me with a devious look on his face.  I was going to turn to face him but he wasn’t going to allow it.  He held me, facing the mirror.  With one hand going down my body, the other pulled my hair so my head turned.  He locked lips with me and his hand went in my panties.  Sarge started to kiss my neck and ear lobe as his fingers went inside me.  I was held close to his body, his cock was poking up against my ass.

My pussy was soaking the crotch of my panties when he pulled out his fingers and shoved them in my mouth.  I could hear his zipper going down on his pants and my panties were taken down.  He pushed me up against the mirror.  His hands lifted me up a little and his cock went in me.  I was pressed up against the mirror by his body weight. He took deep fast thrusts in me.  My head was turned to the side.  My body jerked upward with each hard thrust.  Grunts were the only noise to leave my mouth.  He went faster and harder building up to his orgasm.  I could feel my orgasm coming.  I started to cum right before he did.  He shot his load deep inside me.

He let me down from the mirror after he finished.  I turned and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. We both went in the shower and fooled around more.  I went to bed satisfied with a slightly sore pussy.  It was the good kind of sore.  When I woke up this morning, the light was hitting the mirror just right.  The mirror showed smudges from where my body was pressed up against it.  There was also a little dried cum that dripped down the mirror’s surface.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I just wanted to mention that I’ve lurked on your blog for a year now and I always thoroughly enjoyed your postings. I was saddened a few months ago when I thought you’d quit this blog. I’m so happy you’re back though! Thank you for the wonderful writing and sharing your experiences. More importantly, I’m glad you’re well again.

  2. All I have to say is that it was awesome, and hopefully you can catch us up on what you were doing while you weren’t blogginh.

  3. I’m going to look at mirrors in a completely different way after reading this post. We missed you when you weren’t posting. What other adventures did you have in your time off from blogging?

  4. Good to see you’re back.

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