Posted by: bosteen | January 27, 2009

Giving a starving person a five course meal

Two weeks ago, the recovery time from my surgery elapsed.  When it was all done, it was more than four weeks without sex or working out.  The longest time I’ve gone in without sex since I lost my virginity (probably not but it feels that way).  It wasn’t really that long, I tried to have a go at it on New Year’s eve but it wasn’t meant to be.  Missionary only sex is boring.  I do not lay there during sex, I get no enjoyment from it.  If I am going to have sex, it will be my way.

My first stop after recovery was Football Guy.  I am sure you remember him from after work adventures.  He has much more free time after the football season, which is a bonus for me.  I don’t remember a cock ever feeling so good as it fucked me doggy style.  It is extremely difficult to explain the feeling, I had a voracious appetite once it got started.   He couldn’t fuck me fast or hard enough to satisfy my hunger.  It quickly turned into deep thrusts, tits bouncing, and me moaning loud till he unloaded in me.  He layed down next to me, both of us a little sweaty and told me how long he had been wanting to do that again.

We stayed there for a couple moments, my hand playing with his cock and balls.  As soon as his cock started to get stiff in my hand, I stirred from my resting position at his side to a position straddling him.  I moved a little grinding my wet lips on his cock until he was fully erect.  With a little raise of my hips, his cock slid inside me.  I took him deep in me and stopped for a moment to enjoy the sensation of him inside me.  He moved his hands down my chest, giving my nipples a pinch, to the sides.  His hands moved to my waist and started to move me on his cock.  I bit my lip a little with my eyes closed to enjoy it for a couple seconds.

After my moment, I bent over so my tits hung in his face and moved on his cock. I alternated between fast and slow.  It allowed my orgasm to build inside me.  He was kissing, sucking and licking my tits as they bounced in his face.  Finally, the orgasm hit me.  It hit me like a truck causing me to gasp for air and my muscles tightened.  I cummed hard on his cock.  I rode through the orgasm and less than a minute later another orgasm happened.  It wasn’t as intense as the first but still felt amazing.  This orgasm left my legs weak and causing me to collapse on him.  I laid on his chest his cock still in me while I caught my breath.  My cum run down his cock, covered his balls and left a huge wet spot on my bed.  We fucked a lot more that day.  My orgasms totaled 6. They were the best I had felt in the longest time.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Welcome back, and oh what a way to return to the playing field!

    Missed reading you. Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. Glad to see you back. And oh, how I wish I could have had your tits hanging in my face like that!

  3. Great to hear you’re back in the game 😉 Hope you can have plenty of fun and can keep us all updated…

  4. Glad to see you’re back and I’m glad that you’re doing well. Missed hearing from you.:)

  5. Welcome back! I bet you gave Football Guy more than he could handle after such a long drought. Could you use any toys while your were convalescing our was it uncomfortable or otherwise not recommended?

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