Posted by: bosteen | December 9, 2008

The first rule is…

I couldn’t sleep last night so I flipped through the television channels.  I saw Fight Club on some station.  The following is inspired by fight club.

I am Slut’s uvula.  I am the fleshy skin that hangs in the back of her throat.  I help prevent food from going down the wrong pipe.  Most often I am the target of a dick that she is sucking.  Dicks come in and go out of her mouth.  I am the bulleye for their dick.   I get beat around then covered with cum.

Slut X’s uvula


  1. Effin hilarious.

  2. Wow. That is very odd, and very hot. “Dicks come in and go out of her mouth”. What a hot sentence. I love it.

  3. Cool, that made me laugh!

  4. fuck yea baby

  5. Fight Club is such a quintessential guy movie, but with Brad Pitt looking all ripped in it I’ve often wondered if it makes girls hot in a strange, violent way?

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