Posted by: bosteen | October 9, 2008

Is it the end?

“I noticed that you haven’t posted a blog lately and just hope that everything is OK with you.  Also, I read on your blog that you have to worry about people trying to seek you out in real life.  Fucking idiots…”

“hey so i just read your blog. all i can say is woah, looks like your online celebrity is attracting the wrong crowd. all i could say is, if you are freaked out, but still want to blog, either dead the blog and start new, but say you live in seatle or something. or just stop completely. there are some crazy people out there, so please be careful.”

Listed above are two of the multitude of e-mails and there are plenty of comments on my last post.  I also want to thank those complementary e-mails about the blog. You are wondering what I have been doing these last few weeks.  The answer is simple.  I have been deciding what to do with the blog.  There have been more than a few times, I sat at the delete blog window and did away with it all.  Why?  Its an easy answer.  For the life of this blog experiment, I have ask for one thing: anonymity.

It allows me to be brutally honest about my activities and feelings.  It lets me honest about who I am without exposing myself.  When people asked for pictures, I gave the opportunity to see limited photos without giving my identity.  When people asked me to delete a comment because it gave their e-mail, I deleted it.  When people ask me not to use their name or address with e-mails, I respond by saying I don’t give that information out for privacy sake.  I respect other peoples requests for privacy, I answer requests, and all I ask for is my own privacy.  You will say well its a blog and you put your life out there.  This is true but I never put my name, address, school, etc… on any post.  I repeatedly asked for readers to respect my desire for privacy.

Now to answer the title of this post, I don’t know.  Will I delete this blog and start anew under a different name? No.  I won’t start over and rebuild a blog.  You will say, its only a couple people that want to know where you work, your name, where you live, etc… .  I don’t care.  It takes only one person to ruin another persons life.  It doesn’t only affect my life, it can affect the people I write about.  I have to take this to heart if I wish to continue.  To end, I don’t know if I will post again.  You may come one day and the blog will be gone or there could be a new post.  Until then, see you later.


  1. do whats right for you

  2. Hmm. Bummer.

    I understand your concern. The call is yours. It sucks that some assholes could ruin it for you, me and everyone else.

    Eitherway, I know it does me good to know that “The neighborhood slut” is out there. Doing good for all us sinners (to paraphrase Sam Elliot).

    Before you set sail or close shop have you considered membership or listserv options? Not necessarily for making cash but to require a bit more information buy-in from your readers and to give you a bit more control on who sees what you write.

    Thanks for being who you are and sharing that with us.


  3. I’ve just begun reading you blog a few weeks ago. I did enjoy it, but if you must leave it to protect your privacy – I’m sure everyone will understand.

  4. Happy at the beginning, disappointed at the end. That’s me when I read your new post after checking a few time in last few weeks.
    If you’re worried about your privacy, I should say that you must be. There’re people who are able to track you down easily. They can tell when you live … and breath. But is there anyone who wants to do that just to harm you? avenge you or retaliate? We, as readers, don’t know. If you think there might be someone, you should be careful. If not … well there’s no need to be worried then. Simply put I don’t think there’s someone who may harm you just because you didn’t tell him where you live or you refused to have sex with him. It’s up to you to either carry on or put an end to this. We, readers, especailly me, always enjoy your blog. And one more thing: Do you remember that once you wanted to reach a specific number of readers? What was that? 2,000,000? You’re getting close. It’s satisfying. Isn’t it?

  5. While I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, you need to do what is right for you. You are correct – it only takes one wacko to cause trouble in your personal life and your professional life. I am so sorry you find yourself in this situation.

  6. that sux…….be well!

  7. that sux… well!

  8. While I enjoy your blog and you, if you are at any risk even a small risk, shut it down and never look back.

    Wishing you the best.

  9. LOL! Could you not have anticipated this?

    For all the cute, cerebral descriptions of ‘why’ you blog, the most glaringly obvious answer is also the simplest:

    you like the attention.

    What you are describing is the unfortunate byproduct of fame felt by everyone who captures the pubic eye.

    Sorry, but boo-hoo.

    Even your most recent post – will I blog again or won’t I – is so egomaniacal and attention-seeking, it’s laughable; you really believe we care either way??

    The only people who are as concerned about if or when you post next are the same freaks you are complaining about. Ironic.

    I guess, in the end, you get what you ask for; quick, easy, hollow attention from the only people who give that: the dangerous and imbalanced.

  10. Unfortunately, curiousity will always get the best of us and we would all like to know the face and name that goes along with the fantastic sex stories… But can you imagine if you have a corporate job/prestigious position and all of a sudden your attacked with a blog scandal that traces back to you?

    Suggestion: If you start a new blog, reduce the curiousity of others not with your false information in your posts but with a false identity. Provide an alias name that you have never used before along with a college that you don’t have much affiliation with. You make yourself seem so forbidden to track down with your intoxicated rendevous, so naturally we would like to know more.


  11. Wow, Im kinda new to your blog, but I can see that this really upset you and I cant say that I blame you, although I would hate to see your blog go, I can see why you would, your life and future are far more important than anything on here. Good luck whatever you decide. Oh and I noticed you didnt put it on your last blog so Ill give you one “happy humping”.

  12. It’s an awesome blog. I hope you do continue it but you do have to look out for yourself. Good luck.

  13. Well its a shame i love your blog i have been reading since the start, always wanted to email you but never did, the blog has provided a retreat when life gets to much, (much like today but instead i find you upset.) you will be missed, i dnt see how anyone could find you…but i can imagine why, good luck in life!

  14. As much as I enjoy reading your blog, I think that you should stop blogging if you are concerned about your privacy. Blogging is fun; but there is no sure way to guarantee your privacy. Over time, anyone who reads is going to pick up enough details about you. The bigger question is how much of an issue would it be if you were discovered. and from reading, it seems like it would be a problem.

  15. What a little drama queen you are.
    Bored now.

    Btw, practice your writing skills too.

  16. Hello my friend

    Delete your blog and move on with your life.

    Thanks for everything, you have been wonderful

  17. Best wishes for your continued success in no matter what road you select.

  18. I typically only read and rarely if ever comment because, like you, I value my privacy. I understand the desired to shut the blog down and regain that greater sense of privacy. I will respect your wishes if you do so. I will also miss your writing and your descriptive narrative.

  19. All things have endings, if you have , or wish, to stop then I’ll miss what you write but its ok too. Be well be strong, be happy……smile!

    Take care

  20. I sure hope it’s not the end! I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I can certainly see though, that you need to be uber careful about letting your identity get out into the “wild”! I wish you the best of luck regardless of your decision!


  21. This can be scary stuff.

    Just a couple weeks ago, someone did find me out. Not completely, but enough. Luckily, she’s not the stalker type (at least not yet,) but she now does have a certain amount of power and if things get weird, I’d have to pull the plug on my blog.

    I hope you continue though. I do love reading your “adventures” and thoughts.

  22. My dear, whatever you decide….as they say, thanks for the memories.

    This is and has been an interesting read and an interesting journey for all of us readers. Thank you for that.

    I hope you carry on, but of course you have your own decisions to make.

    Give peas a chance.


  23. please come back…ignore the jerks

  24. yours was one of my favourite blogs.. sorry to see you go underground but i suppose it was necessary.. fuckin idiots..

  25. I really don’t even know what to say to this. I love your blog, and I wish I had the guts and writing skills that you do to bring this blog so far. I understand exactly where you are coming from, and how scary it must be for people to seek you out. I sincerely hope you do post again, but if not, just know there are so many of us that will miss you and your crazy stories.

  26. boooooooooooo – come back!!

  27. Hey Slut, I was just wondering… Is it actually the end?

    I really hope it’s not.

  28. Sorry to see you go. Good writing, fantastic blog. Id rather see you safe and happy than read about your adventures.

    Just some good will from a stranger

  29. Wow, its really over huh. I bet youll miss the money. Did you get paid by the word, post or site traffic? Hope for your sake it was the traffic, goffed a lot of people here but it was still entertaining! Best of luck in your new blog adventure, its a great little money make on the side!

    I am convinced that you are retarded. First, I think you mean goofed and not goffed. I didn’t goof anyone. Second, there is no advertising or money making on this blog. Show me any advertisement! There isn’t one. Shut the fuck up and get lost you loser.

  30. If a spelling error makes one a retard then your brain barely functions, good catch though, you totally got me! The site wouldn’t need to have traditional advertisements for you to make money. I suppose you already knew that, if not than you have proven again who the retard is.
    Either shut the blog down or keep it going, but trolling comments on your own site?

  31. Timing is everything. I just find your blog and it may go away. You owe us nothing, but I am glad you ventured out.

  32. Bosteen wasn’t making any money off this site… she could have been through affiliate links, reviewing sex toys, etc. Like a lot of the other sex bloggers but she didn’t.

  33. So, you’re really upset about being ‘found out’ so you won’t post any more, but you’ve left your slutty exploits up for all to read.

    Good grief, what an attention whore.

  34. Your confidence and freedom of spirit are an inspiration. I am jealous. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it has made a difference. Good luck with your future.

  35. Hmm… You keep this site alive but you’re worried about being found out?

    Something doesn’t add up here. There’s more than enough info in these pages to bust you if someone wanted to, so if you’re so concerned why have you left the site up?

  36. Well, I for one, find the blog to be intensely intelligent and erotic for the fact that it IS anonymous. Reading some of the steamier passages has titillated me because I FANTASIZE about meeting a girl like you at a party, etc. I know very well that you’re not here for meeting people and that’s the turn-on.

    Can you possibly just cancel the comments portion of the blog? Then you could write freely and all we could do is sit on our hands, wishing and dreaming.


  37. Hello, and kudos to you for having the courage to write and post a sex blog. Yikes, some people sure are jealous. They’re the ones who leave horribly stupid comments on these blogs. Cheers for those of us who leave supportive, loving, respectful comments. I’m wondering about what to do regarding erotic blogging, myself. I’ve seen other erotic blogs come and go, and some land people into some REAL trouble. Just my observation!

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