Posted by: bosteen | September 22, 2008


The weekend is over and Business Traveler leaves today after doing some work in Boston.  My time has been spread between work, BT and watching football.  It was a pretty damn good weekend.  I will tell more of my weekend later.  I do want to discuss something.  Last night, I recieved an e-mail from a correspondence.

Four people have found my blog through Google with the phrase “Where does the ‘neighborhood slut’ work in Boston.” Looks like you got some fans.  Thought it was pretty funny.

People ask me from time to time for pictures or personal information.  I have said on many occassions that I won’t give out that sort of information.  I can’t really say anything mean because I put my life on display with the blog.  However, this e-mail is the reason why I keep key personal information secret.  It is funny and a bit disturbing all at once.  I don’t need a bunch of people coming into my work, hitting on me, trying to sleep with me, or talking about the blog.  It would be a great way for me to get fired, not to mention any possible future impact to my life.  To the people that are looking for this information, I wish you good luck in finding it.  I can promise you won’t find it.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Good for you! Keep your privacy. I think that’s why “Confessions of a Corporate Slut” stopped blogging – her identity got out.

  2. Good response i can definately understand how this could impact your future, they will dig up anything they can from your past. I do enjoy your blog, keep it up!!

  3. I recall google stated in its defense in one of the numerous law suits raised because of street view that “privacy as we know it no longer exists”. my favorite blog ever used to be girlwithonetrackmind, and she was extremely careful about her identity, eventually she got exposed and not much later her photo was all over british tabloids.

    i dont think you can ever be careful enough, my tactic is planting false information here and there to throw people off.

    Who says I don’t already do this?

  4. That’s pretty creepy. I don’t see how any guy would actually feel comfortable coming in to your place of work if he found out that way.

    Just leave it to chance.

  5. Chivalry is dead. Guys want to have an experience that they won’t have to “work” for. Just take the adventures that you share with the interwebs. Unfortunately and not surprisingly these same people want to have that experience and treat it as disposable. What happened to all of the fun and spontinaity?

  6. Oh, there’s no question you need to keep your anonymity. Even as a MALE blogger, I’ve already got a few nutjobs who have been trying to track me down.

    Of course, if Bosteen ever tries to track me down, I’ll draw her a map!

  7. Hello, I am new here. Just surfing the erotic blogs. Very sexy picture of that blonde girl on top of the electric horse! Mmmmm…. yeah, it’s amazing how some people just hate the idea of others having “that kind of fun” and telling the world about it, anonymously, of course. After all, even sluts have to make money. 😉 I think sexuality is good… otherwise, why would I be here? lol

  8. Next time someone asks for personal information ask them put their face on the email.

  9. Yes, keep everything private. I know of people who have had to live in a state of *edgyness* due to too much info getting out! They even found this persons address and phonenumberrs…

  10. Girlwithonetrackmind was very careful; but it’s hard to hide when a newspaper is investigating you. Her “downfall” was that she said too much about work. It’s very difficult to have an interesting blog and without revealing some real world details. And, it’s a shame that some people have to spoil everyone else’s fun.

  11. I’ll never understand why people can’t be satisfied with what you’ve given them, and take the chance of preventing you from continuing to write.

  12. As much as many of your fans would love to meet you (and more), you have an absolute right to your privacy. Anonimity is what allows blogs like yours to flourish. It’s a rare thing to present such open, honest life experiences to the masses, and anonmity is what makes that possible. I guess putting the intimate details of your thoughts and experiences “out there” will always make you a target of Holy Rollers, people who find confidence in judgement but not living, other women who wish they had your balls, a few sickos, and a long line of us genuinely lust-crushed guys who just wish you were the girl living next door. But take it all as the compliment it should be… if everyone led a life as satisfying as yours, we wouldn’t all be spending our time on the internet reading about it.

    PS Two weeks is too long… Fill us in on the details of Biz Travelers visit please.

  13. It’s been a while since you’ve talked about your hot and naughty sexual adventures. But more importantly, how about the BITCH SLAPPINGS the Redskins have given to the Cowboys and the Eagles ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

  14. Hehehe… I moved to Boston a couple of years ago and have been to a load of parties and am pretty sure I’ve met this girl once or twice but was never really that sure until a few comments she made recently on her blog. Am so certain I’ve met her (and been in the room during a certain group session!) that I’m contacting old friends that were also there to find out her name. We’ll catch her yet! 😀

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