Posted by: bosteen | September 11, 2008

Day 4.2: On the way home

I figure for the second story of today you will get some girl on girl action.  Toward the end of this summer, Miss Wolfe came to visit me for the weekend.  Most of you should of read about last summer when she was staying with me.  This visit was filled with much of the same.  We were out at a club.  We were dancing together, essentially making each other horny.  It got to the point that, my panties were soaked from our rubbing up against each other and slight touches.  With a shared look, we both knew it was time to go back to my place.  We gathered our stuff and got a cab home.

We climbed into the back seat of the cab.  After telling him the address, we started to pay attention to one another again.  It started off with some harmless verbal flirting.  The flirting turned into some light kissing.  I took the kissing to a different level.  Any guy or girl that hooked up with Big Bad Wolfe knows, her major weakness is kissing her neck and sucking on her earlobe.  I took advantage of this because i wanted her to be putty in my hands.  Her head leaned back and her eyes closed when I started to do this to her.  Her legs opened slightly so I knew it was time to take the hand that was playing with her tit and put it between her legs.  I didn’t go straight into fingering her.  I got her really going by running my finger tips around her inner thighs.  They made little circles that got bigger, migrating closer to her pussy.  Her breathing got deeper so I knew I could slide a finger inside her now.

The cab stopped at an intersection right before I pulled her panties to the side.  I saw the cab driver look back in the mirror so I blew him a kiss and winked.  He had the biggest grin on his face as I turned away.  I continued to kiss her neck as I pulled her panties to the side.  Her breathing was deep, her hips moving a little.  My index finger went inside her pussy.  The cab driver could really tell something was happening now because she gave out a little moan with my finger.  I found her g-spot and started to rub.  Her hips started to move a lot now, her breathing becoming ragged.  I continued to stroke her g-spot and added my thumb circling her clit.  My hand was so wet from fingering her.  Her moans became regular, they were still soft but there was no hiding to the driver what was really happening.  It took a couple more minutes but she orgasmed.

She orgasmed hard.  Her head lifted, turned and kissed me.  I took my finger out of her and licked it clean before I kissed her again.  The taste of her juices on both of our tongues.  The kissing continued until we got to my place.  I paid the driver and said thank you.  He told me, “No, thank you very much.”  We had more fun that night, this time in the privacy of my bed.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I wish I was that taxi driver.

  2. good thing that taxi driver didnt get into a major accident while driving you, because it gets really hard for us guys to concentrate when smell of wet pussy is filling the car.

    also you should be glad she was wearing an easy access skirt rather than a jeans for instance, i wonder if she was smooth though….:)

    anyway keep on going so far i’m really enjoying this week

  3. I’m going to start applying for taxi driving jobs. I didn’t realize the benefits!

  4. Very hot….

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