Posted by: bosteen | September 11, 2008

Day 4.1:Private time?

I missed yesterday but I have a good reason, school, work and then a date.  This means you get two sex stories today.  This event happened a couple years ago, summer between high school and college.  It was during my senior year I got my current job.  A guy came back from college that summer and he worked at a neighboring store.  We had a game of seduction going on for a month before we hooked up for the first time, it went on for all of the summer.

It was a three or four weeks after we first hooked up I was at his house for the night.   His parents were gone so he had the house to himself, which meant he was having a party.  The party was beach themed so there were people there in bikinis, board shorts, etc… .  I was proudly wearing one of my white bikinis, I love white bikinis.  It was the typical party, drinking, music, dancing, etc… .  The party was going on for an hour or so and I was dancing with the store guy.  I was turned around grinding up on him.  It was on purpose, I wanted to cause him to get hard.  I could feel him get hard fast and enjoyed the sensation of his hard cock rubbing up on my ass.

He finally had enough of my teasing.  He grabbed my hand and led me up stairs.  The plan in his mind was interrupted by some fool rooms so he had to improvise.  We went out to the deck of the house.  There wasn’t anyone outside, so we went to a corner of the deck where it was darker.  He pushed me up against the wall, gripping my ass.  We shared a passionate, hard kiss.  I lifted one on my legs to wrap it around his leg.  One of his hands held  my leg up around his waist.  I pulled down his trunks with  my free hand watching his cock come free of the material.  I licked my lips at the sight of his cock.  He saw me do this and asked me some question like, “You really want this?”  I shook my head yes.

He pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and put his cock in my already wet pussy.  I wrapped both of my legs around his waist while he held me up by my ass.  His cock moved deep and slow at first.  It sent fantastic sensations through me.  He was grunting softly with his thrusts which were joined by my low moans.  We were shut off to the world, not noticing anything around us at this point.  i encouraged him by telling him things like “fuck me harder” or “yes” between my moans.  He took my words to heart and fucked me faster and harder.  My tits were bouncing, my moans getting louder.  He told me he was about to cum, I told him to cum inside of me.  I didn’t need to tell him twice.  His thrusts became harder and deeper until his cum shot up into me.  It would be the first time he would cum in me.

After he finished, I dismounted and we turned to crowd of people that we never heard come outside.  We were so lost in fucking neither of us heard the door open or the low talking between the people.  His face turned red with embarrassment and he quickly pulled up his trunks.  Someone called out “encore”, it got a good laugh and some whistles.  We took our bows and went back inside.  The incident of the party became the talk of his friends for the rest of that summer.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. i’m sure that got you alot of action later on that summer, getting the rep of being a total slut isn’t always a bad thing you know.

  2. I’ve always bee amazed by how many people who will watch but are too chicken to join in themselves.

  3. Although we’re “settled down” now (lol), you bring back fond memories of our partying days. Your post made me smile because we too have heard, “Encore” from other players more than once (easy for them to say!).


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