Posted by: bosteen | September 9, 2008

Day 2: An old friend

I had a chance encounter with an old friend a couple weeks ago.  I don’t mean old as in age, I mean old as in I haven’t seen them in years.  I met him when I first moved to Boston.  We hung out, did some making out and a couple oral adventures.  We didn’t get much further because he was leaving to enter military service.  I am out at a club a couple weeks ago and he comes up to me.  I recognized him as soon as I looked at him.  We exchanged hugs, where he grabbed my ass but I didn’t mind.  We talked a little finding out some of the highlights of the past couple years.  We exchanged numbers and a promise to get together soon to hang out.

Two or three day later, he calls me to inquire what I was doing that night.  I had plans but they weren’t anything special so I broke them to go to dinner with him.  It was a casual dinner so I didn’t wear anything fancy but I was looking good.  We talked about our lives in greater detail over dinner.  He asked about school, where I was living, relationship, etc… .  He was being a gentleman the whole time and dinner ended with him offering me a cab ride home.  We sat and talked more at my place.  The talking ended up with making out, moving to some petting.  He was rubbing me on the outside of my pants and I was so wanting to fuck.  However, it wasn’t the right time for that sort of thing.  We parted ways that night with just some making out.

I talked to him a couple times over the following week.  We set up another date, this time I chose the date.  It gave me the chance to control the mood of the date.  He met me at a restaurant nearby my place that I like to frequent.  He was already there when I arrived so he got to watch me go to the table in my skirt, low-cut shirt and heels.  I knew he enjoyed my choice of clothes from the look on his face.  We ate dinner while flirting with each other  and I suggested going back to my place after dinner to watch a movie or something.  It turned into a make out session again, I expected it and he did as well.  Part way through making out, I excused myself with the excuse I needed to use the ladies room.

My trip out of the room was really just to take things to the next step.  I removed my shirt and dropped my skirt to the floor.  My heels were left on because I my ass looks good in them.  I stood a moment in front of my mirror looking at me in my bra and panties.  I walked into the room and he didn’t notice me at first.  I said something and his head turned.  He muttered something like “damn”.  I went over and straddled him on the couch.  I grinded up against him while kissing him.  His hands went up my back to my bra.  He unfastented my bra and I took it off for him.  He massaged my tits with me leaning back enjoying the sensation.  I could feel he was more than ready from his cock pressing against his pants.  I moved off of him so he could take down his pants and I could grab a condom.

After we adjusted ourself and put a condom on him, I got back to my straddling positon.  He held his cock so I could lower myself on to it.  He then took his hands to play with my tits while he sucked and licked my nipples.  My pussy wrapped around his cock, I moved slowly on it at first.  It felt so good inside me and started to move faster.  He moved his hands down my body to my ass.  He held onto it helping me move on him and giving me the encouraging slaps.  I moaned louder with each slap.   I rode him for three or four minutes before he was ready to cum.  I didn’t mind because I was going to have my way with him after he rested a bit.  I had to get my orgasm also.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. where have you been all my life?

  2. i could visualize every moment… I loved it.. thank you for sharing it..


  3. and just how did you have your way with him? i think you should have started your entry at that point not ended it at it.

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