Posted by: bosteen | September 8, 2008

Day 1: The Business Traveler

I will start out this week with a request from Jane.  She wants to know about the beginning of my involvement with Business Traveler.  My start with him begins the summer between my junior and senior year in high school.  I was 17 at the time and working at a Starbucks, worst job ever. The Business Traveler entered the store in the late afternoon.  He flirted with me while he bought his coffee.  He was good looking and flirtatious, so I returned the flirting.  There was something about him that drew me to him from the start.  I gave him his coffee and he sat in a table to do his work.  The table faced the counter and I caught him giving me glances while he worked.  He made a point of saying good bye to me before he left.  The whole situation lifted my spirits for the rest of the day.

I was working the next day and he comes into the store again.  He flirted with me, I flirted with him.  The sexual sparks were flying all over.  It was so obvious that the person working with me commented about it to me.  He got his drink and sat down to work again.  The person working with me went to the bank to make a deposit so he saw this as an opportunity to talk to me again.  He walked up to the counter and chatted me up.  He finally asks me what I was doing that night.  I told him nothing so he asked me if I wanted to do something later.  Now, I am 17 but because I have bigger boobs guys think I am older.  I wasn’t about to tell him this because I was into him; he oozed sexuality and confidence which made him irresistable.  I told him I couldn’t really make dinner but I would be free around 8.  He tells me to meet him at his hotel and I agree.

On my way out that night, my mom stops me to ask where I was going.  I lied to her saying I was going out with Big Bad Wolfe.  My parents didn’t know half the stuff Wolfe and I got into so it was satisfactory with them.  I was wearing a short skirt, button down top and my fuck me heels when I walked into lobby of the hotel.  He was sitting on a love seat facing the door way and I know I had the biggest smile when I saw him.  I hoped he wouldn’t pick up on it.  He didn’t because he was feeling the same lustful infatuation toward me.  He gave me a hug which felt perfect to me and I could feel that he had a half stiffy.  This relieved me because I was excited to see him also.

He gave me some suggestions of activities after the hug.  His first suggestion was to go get a drink, but he said, “I am guessing you are a first or second year student in college so you can’t really go get a drink.”  I did nothing to correct his estimated age.  He mentioned about staying there and maybe go to the hot tub.  This was a good idea with the exception of no bathing suit for me.  I wasn’t about to go into a hotel hot tub in my bra and panties.  He took charge and suggested there was a store down the block we could go buy one.  I was hesitant but he talked me into it.  We went to the store where he bought me this black bikini to where.  We went back to his room.  I changed into my new bikini.  He had nothing but compliments for me when I stepped out of the bathroom.  He offered me a drink but I declined it.  It wasn’t that I distrusted him, I didn’t want to get drunk or anything because I had a feeling I wanted to remember everything about that night.

We went down to the hot tub after he changed.  There were a couple people there when we arrived.  I sat next to him and the other people were staring envious at him or wantonly at me.  They left not too long after we arrived but we didn’t move apart from each other in the hot tub.  We were talking and being flirty.  He leaned in and kissed me.  It wasn’t an ordinary kiss, it was full of passion and desire.  The kiss basically started a make out session.  It got to the point that when he was kissing my neck, I dropped the wall holding back my sexual urges.  My hand went beneath his trunks and began to stroke his cock.  His cock felt so good in my hand as I went up and down the length of his shaft.   One of his hands went down to my bikini bottom in return.  He was stroking my clit for a couple moments before I had my first orgasm that night.  He had a stunned look on his face at the intensity of my orgasm.  I told him in a low voice, “We need to go back to your room so I can repay you for that.”

We went back to his room where I pushed him on the bed and took down his trunks.  His cock stood like a flag pole in an open field.  I licked my lips and took it in my mouth.  I bobbed a couple times on his cock before I stood up on the bed.  I started to dance for him while taking off the bikini.  He looked up as I stripped for him.  When I was done I straddled him, grinding on his cock and kissing him.  I stopped for a moment to ask if he had an protection.  He handed me a condom so I slid down his body to put it on him.  I returned to my original position and lowered myself onto his cock.  I let out a loud moan as I took him in me.  I could not believe it was happening, the truth being I masturbated the night before thinking about him.  I thought I would never see him again but he showed up the next day in coffee shop.  His cock felt magnificent in me as its length went in and out of me.  I was so turned on, excited or whatever you want to call it and I had an orgasm within the first minute of riding him.  I leaned back a little and continued to ride his hard cock.  He was playing with my tits and pinching my nipples which felt amazing.  I had to be riding him for about five minutes when he moaned out he was ready to cum.  I dismounted him, removed his condom and took him in my mouth.  His balls in one and his shaft in my mouth, I sucked his cock.  He cummed in the back of my mouth and I swallowed it all.  I loved the taste of his cum on my tongue.  When he was finished, I licked his cock clean and then we laid together on his bed for a while naked.

This is the beginning of the Business Traveler.  I hoped you enjoyed day 1 of sex week.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. hot.

  2. yummy story. i totally got off from this.

    thank you miss slux x

  3. i feel so loved you did my request first. haha

    but how old is business traveler?

  4. Yeah, how old is Business Traveler, and when did he find out your age? And what was his reaction?

  5. Ho Ho, I loved you did, could i have a chance to do so. I felt hot whole my body
    thanks Slut X

  6. Nice thanks for the story..

    i was wondering if you ever got to make out with your calculus teacher…i could not find that post here

  7. See? I don’t know why wolves have such bad reps!

    Great story!

  8. Pretty balsy for Business traveler to be so aggressive after just meeting you for a few minutes in a Starbucks……I wish I had that amount of guts…

  9. Where were all of the women like you when I used to travel frequently to Boston? Other than traffic around the tunnels, my most enduring memory of your city is the cold winter wind when you first get off the plane in the middle of the winter at Logan.

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