Posted by: bosteen | August 30, 2008

Going Away

As promised from yesterday, this takes place about a month before I moved to Boston.  My family was living in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  I was at a going away party in my honor.  My friend lived along the beach and it was common for him to have parties with bon fires and lots of drinking.  His parents didn’t care, if we were going to drink they would take our keys so we couldn’t go kill ourselves in a car.  I was drinking so I was pretty much stuck there for the night.  I lied to my parents, of course, by telling them I was at a girl friend’s house.

The party was winding down and I was in the hot tub with a couple guys.  I didn’t bring a suit to the party so I was in the hot tub with a bra and panties.  We were exchanging stories with each other, not caring what the story was because we were drunk.  One of the guys mentions, “I remember that time you sucked my dick while tommy was fingering you.”  This caught the attention of the rest of the guys in the hot tub because I never did anything with them.  The grumbling and questions followed after the story.  (“Why didn’t you do anything with me?”, “Do you do that often?”, etc…)  It was either the drunken state or the horniness, let’s face it I am horny 95% of the time, but I said, “Ok, lets do it now.”

There were six sets of disbelieving guys looking at me after I said it.  I stood up in the hot tub and removed my bra and slid down my panties.  It was at this point, they started to take me seriously and tried to decide who should go first.  I stepped up and offered a solution.  I would kiss each of them and they would go in order on who was best and who was worst.  (Guys will ruin a good thing by fighting so I had to step into the situation.)  I kissed each of them in turn.  There was a varied amount of tongue and groping.  After I was finished, I told them their order and none seemed to care at that point.

I got on my knees on the corner seat of the hot tub, as the first guy took down his shorts.  The others were talking and in disbelief that it was happening.  The first guy slid inside me and started to fuck me.  Some of the others got out of the tub so they could feel me up and watch.   One of the guys took out his dick and told me to open my mouth.  I did so gladly.  I sucked him off while the first guy was behind me slamming me with his dick.  He didn’t last long, it was a couple minutes before he was saying he was going to cum.  I should mention at this point, none of us had condoms.  I was on the pill so I wasn’t going to get pregnant but decided it wouldn’t be the best thing for all of them to cum in me.  The first guy pulled out and shot his load all over my lower back.

The next guy got up behind me and started to go in me.  He was going slower than the first and holding on to my hips like he was going to ram me hard.  The guy I had in my mouth finished, he was going to pull out and cum somewhere else but I demanded he cum in my mouth.  I swallowed his cum with pride.  The first guy brought his dick around so I could taste his cum.  The whole time, the second guy was fucking me.  The second guy picked up his intensity the closer he got to orgasm.  My tits were bouncing and I was grunting until he finally pulled out and a big load of cum hit my ass.  The third guy did pretty much the same as the first two.  The only thing that made him stand out was that I orgasmed and orgasmed hard when he was fucking me.  I squirted for the first time in my life.  It was funny because he wasn’t sure what the hell happened but he went back to fucking me.

The rest of the guys kind of blend together and you don’t want to hear the same basic thing for three more guys.  By the time they were finished, I had six loads of cum on my lower back/ass, had four cocks in my mouth, swallowed three loads and squirted.  I almost feel sorry for the next people that got into that cum filled water in the hot tub.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. haha. thanks for your telling us your lovely story. you are quite a lady.

  2. Wow you’re such a dirty whore!!!

    Where can I meet girls like you?!?!

  3. How old were you?

  4. Wow…I have missed out on SO very much in life. What a phenomenal story!

  5. Doing the math :

    you gave one of them a blow job and he didnt cum in your mouth

    all 6 of them came on your ass

    half of these guys came twicw

    result = i really envy them
    I have that effect on men sometimes.

  6. i wasn’t being sarcastic just to clarify. =)

  7. You definitely know how to make a guy happy! Or in this case, guys happy!

  8. where is ms wolf in this story? thought you had to check somethinjg with her first.
    btw: her blog sucks. i dont know what happened with her and what decsion she made in her life to change but it sucks.

    While I allowed this comment, I cannot let it go without a comment of my own. Miss Wolf is my friend and will always be my friend. This blog is not a place for negativity. If you can’t say something positive, please don’t comment.

  9. Miss Slut

    Thank you very much for the storie you are trully the best


  10. You are such a marvelous slut. God getting fucked and cummed on and in your mouth and on you…that’s so hot/.. My wife is not into gang bangs but to watch her do something like that would mean Id have a hard time keeping my hands offf my own cock.

    Why would your hand be on your cock? Why wouldn’t you help get her off?

  11. Ahhh… I remember our hot tub days. Great story… you bring back many fond memories. Thanks.


    Yeah, it is best not to think what happens in hot tubs when getting in one. Who knows what has happened there in the last 24 hours.

  12. A swing club around here used to have a small indoor swimming pool. Despite all the chlorine it was GROSS. I don’t even want to imagine what a hot tub would have looked like with that much sexual activity.

    And having a pool where women sometimes get in there underwear, half the time I wonder why they bother. Sometimes, depending on the material, it provides some coverage, but a lot of the time, it shows so much that they might as well be naked.

  13. Awesome experience. Based on a couple other entries of yours that I’ve read, I’m wondering how old you were at the time this happened?

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