Posted by: bosteen | August 29, 2008

Interview continues…

Before I get into the questions, I will start a week of sex on Monday.  I will be posting a sex story a day for 5 or 7 days.  I haven’t decided how many exactly, it really comes down to how bored of writing I get after 5 days.

From Merlin: Your comparison of NSA (no strings attached) sex with masturbation is interesting. I find it difficult to detach feelings of affection and caring from the sexual stimulation I get from live sex. I’m wondering how you can achieve that: doing it in the dark, refraining from kissing and cuddling afterward, or something else? I will admit I am not completely immune to feelings.  There is a person that is on the toy list that I could see a future together if the situation was right, no its not Teacher X.  I guess my ability to separate feelings comes from my military brat experience.  I learned to compartmentalize things and feelings is one of those things.  When you move every 2 to 3 years, you learn to detach to a certain extent or you are going to be constantly depressed.  I learned to live in the moment and value what I had for the short time I had it.  However to fully answer your question, it isn’t about refraining from kissing or fucking in the dark or no cuddling.  If you had a gorgeous woman riding you for NSA sex wouldn’t you want the lights.  It is the same for me and a man.

From Jerry: Miss Slut, Whats the most different guys you have been with in one day and at one time. Please give details. Aren’t you polite with the Miss.  Jerry, you ask a lot in this one short question.  I will give you a teaser because it will take more than a short answer for this.  The answer to this would be one particular event in my life.  It happened shortly before I moved to Boston and involved a gang bang.  I will give you the full details tomorrow just because of the Miss Slut part.

From Kannon7:  When did you discover your need to write? I don’t really think I have a “need” to write.  My history would say the exact opposite.  I never enjoyed writing in the past.  You can tell from the evolution of the blog and my writing, I wasn’t a writer at the beginning.  I am slowly becoming better at what I write.  The blog idea was unoriginal.  Big Bad Wolfe started her blog about a month before I did and she served as my inspiration.  I was challenging myself to do something similar and started my own perverted corner of the Internet.  I sit here typing almost a year and a half later.  I never thought I would keep at it this long.
Do you think a woman looks better dressed or undressed? There is a saying “the clothes make the man.”  It is true with all people.  It isn’t about being dressed or undressed.  It is about what you wear or don’t wear.  I obviously wear things that highlight my better attributes and most women do the same.  However, it really comes down to a little bit of mystery.  Women look beautiful naked but I like to have a little left to the imagination to keep me and others guessing.  It maintains a certain level of interest from others and interest is always good.
Has your sex life gotten better since you started writing an erotic blog? My sex life hasn’t changed.  The blog is documenting my sex life.  If I were to do things just for the sake of the blog, it would change something, possibly ruin it.  My one goal out of my blogging experience is not to let it interfere with who I am, not to let it change me.  I am the same horny/slutty woman that started this blog and don’t see anything changing that in the near future.
panties, thongs or……….? I get this question quite a bit when guys chat to me.  Guys love thongs and it makes sense with the booty movement that Jennifer Lopez started.  I am not a huge fan of them.  They were originally around so women didn’t show a panty line in certain outfits.  My approach has been don’t wear panties, if I don’t want to show a panty line.  It makes sense to me.  The majority of my underwear are bikini cut or low cut bikini styles.  I do have a good selection of boy/booty shorts, just because I look good in them.  I think this gets to the heart of your question.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Glad to hear you’ll be writing some stories again. Could you ask Wolfe to do the same? They’re by far my favorite part of your sites.

    The Q&A has been a fun addition too.

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