Posted by: bosteen | August 25, 2008

Look at them.

I received an interesting e-mail today asking me about public sex places and they linked an article from Playboy.  Over a year ago, I started posts about places I’ve fucked (1 and 2).  I think its funny they mentioned some of the places I have been.

In fact, there is only two places on their list I haven’t fucked, the airplane and the woods.  The only problem with airports/airplanes is security and everyone freaking out since 9/11.  They have no sense of humor anymore or they are on power trips.  I don’t know about the woods.  I can’t really think of anywhere that would be remotely comfortable to fuck in the woods.  Even standing up against a tree wouldn’t be comfortable, bark isn’t the smoothest surface.

You will be curious about the train thing, so I will tell you some details.  This happened about two years ago.  A friend, Anna, and I were going down to NYC for something.  On the way back to Boston, it was pretty late and not a lot of people in the car with us.  Anna and me fooled around in the past.  It was mostly fingering and kissing.  I was relaxing on the train, my mind was blank.  She kisses me out of the blue.  It doesn’t take long from my mind to go from thinking nothing to thinking about sex.  Her kiss made my mind change pretty damn fast.  We both got into the kissing which was followed by our hands getting involved.  Her hands went down between my legs and began to rub my pussy under my skirt.  I did nothing to stop her because it was feeling amazing.  She kept rubbing for a couple more minutes then slipped her fingers inside.   She kept kissing me so I didn’t make too much noise and get the attention to the few other people in the train car.  I was quick to orgasm, I chalk it up to the situation.  She put her fingers in my mouth and then kissed me.  The taste of my juices mingled in our mouths as we kissed.  We kissed a couple more times until we got home but it is by far my favorite train ride ever.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Fucking on a plane is actually pretty easy.

    A red eye flight, an empty row… good to go.

  2. Yeah, I think that’s now MY favorite train ride too!

  3. Ok the cinema is some what hard than they said because, after been shown around the projection room of a cinema, the projectionest will definitely get a show

  4. Long time reader, first time hoser.

    How are most of your trysts initiated? Do you give a future bang the high sign, approach them, they approach you? I’m just a lonely dick looking to meet woman as yourself for fun w/o seeming like a creep or stalker. Plz advz.

    Thanks & keep up the dirty work:)

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