Posted by: bosteen | August 14, 2008

More interview questions

The first question comes from my e-mail.

Have you ever had anyone interested in your feet?  And what do your feet look like? If there was anyone interested in my feet, I didn’t know about them.  There are some fetishes I will never understand.  Feet and rim jobs are at the top.  These are two places that a tongue, sucking, etc… do not belong.  I get asked the anal question quite a bit.  I have had anal, it isn’t my favorite but it happens time to time.  If a guy asks for it, they can forget about getting it.  My feet are normal looking feet.  Currently they have red nail polish on the nails.

Next, Andy asks a simple question.

All I’d ask, is why are you coy about numbers and ethnicity? There is some information people like to use to spread hate and contempt.  People use those two things to demean, name call, and spread hate in general.  This blog is about happy things.  I don’t need someone commenting left and right about negative things.  Life is too short to be hating people. Life is about having fun and living.

The rest are from StFan.

1. Can you describe your thoughts and feelings (both before and after) the first time you had sex just to get laid and get off (i.e. not because you were in love, wanted to please a bf, etc)? After talking to the writer of the question, I understand what he was asking.  He wants to know If I felt any different after I used a guy for purely sex.  After the first guy I had sex with used me for sex, I detached my urges from my feelings.  It was a hurtful experience.  I liked the sex but learned the emotional part of it wasn’t necessary.  Its funny how some girls will keep guys away from them for a while after an incident.  I didn’t swear off guys, I embraced the attitude.  It didn’t happen over night but it became easier to differentiate the two.  The first time this happened, I was ready and willing to go ahead with it before sex.  During sex, it became a little harder for me.  There was a bunch of thoughts running through my mind about how it was wrong.  After it had ended and the post sex good feelings were going, I let those wrong thoughts go.  I am not sure how but I did.  I think my reasoning was it was just a different form of masturbation, which is true in a way.  Fuck buddies, one night stands, etc… are just a substitution for masturbation.  There is no emotional attachment when you masturbate.

2. (a 4 part question). How old were u when u first realized you could probably seduce just about any guy you wanted? What experiences led you to that realization? Did that realization give you a sense of power and hyper-boost your confidence and/or already size-able libido? Does it still? I don’t think I can seduce any guy I want.  There will always be a man out there that doesn’t like certain aspects of me.  It may seem like I get any guy I want but I don’t go after men that show no interest in me.  If I pick up a signal that a guy is into me, I will pursue him if I am into him.  I will admit there is a certain confidence builder in getting someone that you want, but it is about playing the odds and not sending out a signal to every man in viewing distance.

3. Describe the last time you got turned down by a new guy. How did you feel afterwards? Did you end up fucking someone else? Being turned down by someone is not a good feeling.  I have been turned down from time to time and it can get me down.  I don’t let it keep me down like most people.  Rejection will happen in life, there is no way to avoid it.  I don’t usually jump from a turn down into bed with a stranger.  If I put effort in trying to get with someone, I won’t let someone else get the grudge fuck.

Big Bad Wolfe is on her way to visit this weekend so you all have a good weekend.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. The foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes, as so I’ve heard. I admit that I do have a foot fetish.

  2. Your comparison of NSA (no strings attached) sex with masturbation is interesting. I find it difficult to detach feelings of affection and caring from the sexual stimulation I get from live sex. I’m wondering how you can achieve that: doing it in the dark, refraining from kissing and cuddling afterward, or something else?

  3. I always say that the big had goes anywhere that the little head goes and the little head goes everywhere. If I’m going to stick my dick in it I shouldn’t be afraid to lick it.

    BTW: The thing that causes the most obnoxious comments for us is the fact that we have kids.

  4. Thanks; I understand.

    Keep blogging…..

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