Posted by: bosteen | August 14, 2008

Grand Slam

I left off on the weekend (this is going back 2 Saturdays, I started and didn’t finish) saying the football player was taking me home after closing the store this weekend.  It was the last time I will see him for a couple weeks because of the college football season starting up.  To start, I resisted the temptation to have sex at work.  He was really pushing for another turn at work when he showed up.  It took a lot of will power to stop from doing it there.

Work finally ended, we went back to my place.  I would tease him the whole way back to my apartment.  The teasing ranged from me talking suggestively to rubbing close to his cock on the outside of his pants.  I love to watch a guys cock dance as I touch around it.  I say dance but it is his cock moving due to the stimulation.  His cock was rock hard and pitching a nice tent when we arrived at my place.  However, my teasing wasn’t done quite yet.  As we walked to the door, I would periodically rub up against him.  He would react by grabbing my ass or other part of my body in an attempt to tease back.  My last bit of teasing happened at my door.  I acted like I was going to unlock the door and “dropped” my keys.  This gave me a chance to bend over in front of him and rub my ass up against his cock.  He gave my ass a good slap and told me I was going to get more of this.  I grinned from ear to ear at hearing this.

I walked in my apartment after getting the door open.  I dropped my keys to the ground while walking toward my bedroom.  My shirt, skirt and other clothes joined my keys on the way.  He was following me into my bedroom taking every chance to feel me up and give me kisses.  When we arrived to my bedroom, I was missing everything but my panties.  I took the chance to even the clothes, so I started to undress him.  His shirt was the first to be removed followed by his pants.  I unbuttoned them, pressed close to him and moved down.  I slid his pants down as I moved downward.  My tits rand down his chest, abs and finally over his cock which was causing a tent in his boxers.  When I stood up, he pulled me into him.  His hands pulling down my panties and kissing me.  He smacked my bare ass which stung a little and yet felt so good to me.  It was his cue for me to get on the bed.  I gladly followed his lead.

I got in the doggy position on my bed.  Looking back at him, he took off his boxers and I enjoyed watching his hard cock spring free.  I had one hand between my legs rubbing my clit as he got on the bed with me.  My pussy was already wet and getting wetter with the anticipation of his cock deep inside me.  He got back at me for all the teasing.  He would act like he was going to insert his cock then just tease me with the head.  It got to the point, i was begging him to fuck me which is what he wanted from the beginning.  He gave me what I wanted and a little more.  His cock went deep and hard inside me.  I could feel his balls hit up against me.  The following thrusts were like the first.  I had teased him so much, he was going to take it out on my pussy and I loved it.  His hands were locked around my waist so he could drive deep in me.  My tits would bounce every time he went in me along with my grunts and noises of approval.  At some point, a hand went back to rub my clit again.  I could feel the big one coming.  He kept thrusting deep in me.  I could feel my body tingle and start to tighten up.  The orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks.  It left me gasping for air as my muscles tightened, moans stopped and pleasure going through my whole body.

After my orgasm, I could feel the wetness run down my leg.  It was the sign of a job well done.  He finished shortly after my orgasm.  He pulled out and shot his load all over my ass.  We laid in bed for a bit before we started up again.  It was pretty much an all nighter that ended up with four good fucks and a lot of cum.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Doggie on the bed, with the man standing, is excellent for deep penetration, and fondling yourself as you are being fucked is extremely stimulating for your lover.

    So what else did you do?

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