Posted by: bosteen | August 12, 2008


1. What is your favorite song to have sex to? There is no song in particular.  If I am in the mood to fuck, I want a song with a good hard beat.  It gives a great pace to be pounded.  This question is bringing back some wonderful memories.
2. What is your vision of hell? Locked in a place full of only gay men for eternity.
3. In the film made of your life, who will play you? I have no clue.  It would have to be a blonde with big tits.  I would resist Pam Anderson.  I want Jenna Jameson to play me.  I think she could do me justice.
4. What is the one thing you most urgently need to tell your mom? I can’t think of anything I would have to tell my mom urgently, unless I was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I am probably missing the point of this question.  The only other thing would be if I was pregnant or getting married.
5. What will be carved onto your tombstone? Lived life to the fullest.  I would rather be known for living my life.  I am not a person to sit back and watch life go by while I do nothing.

And the bonus: What is your drag name (which would be, first name: the name of your first pet; last name: the name of the street you grew up on)? This is an impossible question.  I never had a pet and I have lived on so many streets, I couldn’t pick one in particular.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. 1. Closer, by NIN;
    2. The beer is room temperature;
    3. Pleading the 5th;
    4. “I forgive you”, but I don’t know how to say that without breaking her heart;
    5. Kept the Guardian Angels busy, and gave it his best shot;
    6. Fluffy Elizabeth (pathetic, but true)

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