Posted by: bosteen | August 7, 2008

Odds and Ends

I am going to bore you at first, but I am excited.  Football is back!  Saturday was the Hall of Fame inductions, its about time for Art Monk.  Then last night, the first Redskin game of the season.  As much as I hate their choice for coach, I watched Colt Brennan do well.  He is the future QB of the team.  Let’s face it, his name sounds like a great QB name.  While Jason Campbell is a good QB, I can’t wait for Colt Brennan.  If you are single Colt, I will be your love slave.  On a side note, many people wonder why I love football so much.  It goes back to my childhood.  My dad would go out to sea, being a Navy guy.  When he would be home during the football season, he would spend Sunday with my brother and me watching the Redskins.  It was a much valued time with my dad because of his time away from the family.

I had a couple comments about the “blogger” known as Corporate Slut.  This is a person that contacted me about my blog and inquired about blogging.  I told the person about my experience and they started a blog.  I like to help out new bloggers, it isn’t easy getting an audience.  I thought the blog had potential.  When it got to the asking money part, I became suspicious.  The person has since disappeared from the blog.  I don’t know if it is a real person or some sort of scam.  I want to believe it is true but I have my doubts.

I don’t know why someone would want to get into sex blogging for money.  There is no money in it.  I get offers for advertising or sponsers but I refuse them.  I do this for my and your enjoyment.  I don’t want to subject you to a bunch of advertising garbage.

My days off have changed.  I traded Tuesday for Thursday starting this week.  While I will miss Tuesdays, Thursday has plenty of opportunity.  Let’s face it, most of the fun happens toward the end of the week and weekend.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I’ve had a couple advertisers approach me as well (including Ashley Madison, obviously) and I feel the same way as you do. In my case, it would really wreck the integrity of my blog.

    CS and I have emailed a few times and I’m pretty sure she’s legit. The things she’d ask me didn’t sound like they were coming from a scam artist. Or at least . . . that’s what I hope.

    I haven’t heard from her in over a month though.

  2. I have been reading a lot of blogs from different areas of interest. Your writing is some of the best I have come across. You have a comfortable style with little pretension. You manage to sketch a scene clearly without weighing it down with a lot of detail. Many of the writers in the arts and writing blogs would envy your easy and relaxed style. Have you considered writing other material?

  3. Blogging for money is retarded anyway. There are better ways out there to bank online.

    I really support your non-commercial attitude, keep it on!

  4. i dont know what to say about CS…If she is real, I hope all is well…and if shes a fake, just out to get money…well she fooled A LOT OF PEOPLE!

    Now…on to FOOTBALL! I too am VERY excited, but I have a question for you…WHY DONT YOU LIKE ZORN!? hes one of the best QB coaches out there and he finally got his chance! sure there might be better suited HEAD coaches, but hes gonna work wonders with your man Colt! (WHO BTW IS *NOT* A SYSTEM QB!!! Give him a few years and hell come out of his shell!!

  5. CS is fake. It’s just too convenient for the Ashley Madison “dating” site. Sure, there are plenty of horny chicks out there, but CS had no personality, no texture, nothing that sounded real. The existence of young, hot, promiscuous chicks looking to hook up with older men is essential to the Ashley Madison sales pitch. CS was just a fairy tale to drive traffic to AM.

  6. I hope that CS is legit; but she hasn’t posted in quite some time. With all of the free stuff on the web, it’s almost impossible to make money without being a scam artist. Like others, we’ve been approached by advertisers but feel that accepting money for something that we do for fun would not be in the spirit of our blog. I, for one, really appreciate that lack of advertisements here. Your blog has a sense of genuineness that I hope never changes.

  7. Being from Hawaii, I am a huge CB fan. Almost as big a fan as I am of you. He does have a GF, but nothing compared to you.

  8. I think she’s fake. What administrative assistant could jet off to Peru for a week or two and then go to Europe for a month? Plus, she has this “new” job.

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