Posted by: bosteen | August 2, 2008

First set of questions

I close the store tonight, so I am going to take this time to answer some interview questions.  To answer your first curiosity from the first sentence.  The football player is picking me up at work so there is bound to be some action tonight.

The first set of questions come from Dan.

1. How old were you when you had your first orgasm?  2. Please describe the circumstances of your first orgasm and what brought it about. My first orgasm happened started completely by accident.  I was in a hot tub at about 12 and turned around to talk to someone out of the hot tub.  One of the jets was well placed.  It got the feelings going that I had not experienced before.  I started to move a little bit and found it felt even better.  I kept on doing it until the orgasm came and gone.  It really changed my world for the better.

3. Please describe a few of your hottest current fantasies. I don’t really carry fantasies around.  At one point, I used to have them but got more aggressive with men and asked for them.  If there is something I want to try or do, I ask for it.  I don’t let it sit around in my brain and drive me nuts.  After all, who will take care of my needs, if I don’t ask.

4. Please describe the hottest sexual encounter you’ve ever had (feel free to describe several if it’s hard to choose one!). These questions are always so difficult because there are so many different reasons why something is hot.  If i had to chose, it would be the glory hole incident.  Why it was hot?  It involved men and a woman.  It was public and we all know by now that I love to show off.  I would link the blog post but I am feeling lazy and don’t want to look for it.

5. Please describe the best lover you’ve ever had, especially what made that person the best. The best lover has to be … a guy I met when I first moved to Boston.  He was an older guy, mid 20’s, I was 16.  It is a combination of things that made him particularly hot.  The first was the age thing.  I just love getting with older guys.  They know what they are getting, my age at the time, isn’t something they will get often.  They make sure they please.  He knew how to please.  Another thing is he worked for my dad which makes the taboo factor even higher.  He knew who I was and I knew who he was, we just didn’t give a damn.

6. For some situations that you feel are typical, when you meet someone new, what happens that leads you to decide to have sex with them? I don’t think meeting anyone new is really typical.  As much as I like to clump people in groups, the dynamic is so different individually.  There are a couple things that determine if I would have sex with someone.  There must be a physical attraction.  It sounds vain but you aren’t going to go talk to someone, much less have sex, if there isn’t some physical attraction.  I can have a physical attraction but no sexual spark.  There must be a physical spark for me to have sex with them.  I can use the physical attraction to masturbate too, something I do frequently.  However, if there is no spark, there is no fucking.  The last thing is about my mood.  If I am in the mood for a good fuck, I will make sure it happens.  There are times I am not in the mood and will put the person in the back of my head, just in case I run into them another time.

I will answer another question because its a short answer.  Riff Dog asks:

So, the picture at the top of your blog – that’s you leaning back, right? So is that your leg kicking up and are you wearing a reddish striped skirt, or is that something else? And I can’t tell what the other girls are doing. It’s almost like they’re twisting you or something.

Basically my question is . . . “What the fuck is going on in that picture?” No one has asked me questions about this header.  I usually get asked about them when they are new.  This picture is me and some friends, all drunk.  We were standing in a field and some guy was taking pictures for us.  Again, we were all drunk, so we were goofy.  It ended up that I was leaning over and almost fell.  My friends grabbed me and the guy said hold it right there.  I am not wearing a red skirt, that is part of my friends clothes.  I am wearing cut off jean shorts that you can’t see.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Aha! Thanks for answering! Weird as it may sound, it really was bugging me!

  2. Do you still have the site where you post old header photos? That would be a good place to go into the background of the pictures.

  3. Out of interest, whatever happened to that ‘girl’ you plugged big time a while back, the Corporate Slut? A couple of weeks after asking for money donations that she planned to give to some charity, she completely disappeared. Have to say I’m a little suspicious – not of you, of her.

  4. Miss Slut

    Whats the most different guys you have been with in one day and at one time. Please give detials

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